MX-5 Clutch Kits

Planning a spicy turbo or supercharger build? Or has your original clutch simply come to the end of its life? No matter your reason for changing your MX-5’s clutch, we have plenty of different Mazda MX-5 parts available here at BOFI Racing. Whether you’re looking for a hard-as-nails, drift-ready clutch or a subtle upgrade that retains the pedal feel of the standard item, we’ve got you covered! Explore the full range of MX-5 clutch kits below.

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Showing 1–16 of 101 results

About Our MX-5 Clutch Kit Range

A clutch can really make or break your build: choosing the right one is crucial. That’s why we offer an extensive range of both OEM equivalent and upgrade parts, allowing you to choose the kit that’s perfect for your needs. Whether you’re restoring your Mk1 and need an OEM-equivalent replacement or are turning your Mk2 into a tyre-smoking, turbocharged drift machine, there’s a clutch in our range for you.

Supplied by top brands like Exedy, Competition Clutch and ACT, all of our Mazda MX-5 clutch kits come with a pressure plate, a clutch cover and a new release bearing. The majority of our performance clutches also come with an alignment tool and a new pilot bearing to make the installation process that much easier.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I need to upgrade my clutch when I boost my MX-5?
An uprated MX-5 clutch kit is always recommended for boosted Mazda MX-5s. Not only do they have extra holding power due to their higher clamping loads, they also have far better and harder wearing friction materials. These materials outlast and outperform OEM parts in areas such as heat dissipation and friction levels, making them ideal for torquey forced induction builds.

Is there anything else I should replace along with my clutch?
When replacing the clutch, we recommend changing the gearbox oil as well. The gearbox will need to be pulled to access the clutch, so this is the perfect time for an oil change. Anytime you change the clutch, we’d also recommend looking into swapping the flywheel. This is especially true for NA and NB 1.6 engines, as the 1.8 clutch is an easy upgrade for more torque-holding power when also changing the flywheel to a 1.8 item, thanks to its larger diameter. It’s also worth noting that a clutch’s warranty will only be valid with a receipt for the flywheel having been machined or replaced.

There are so many options! Which clutch should I choose?
We offer everything from a stage 4 puck clutch, which is great for drifters, to an OEM replacement organic clutch – perfect for daily driving. If you’re looking for a happy medium, take a look at the BOFI Racing clutch kits. We’ve developed them to comfortably hold the power of a boosted car without sacrificing pedal feel. Still undecided? Please don’t hesitate to get in touch.