MX-5 Short Shifters

Even as standard, the MX-5 is known for its tight, snappy shift action – but there’s always room for improvement. If your shifter is feeling a little past its best or the throw is a little too long for your liking, you’ll love our range of MX-5 short shifter kits. Designed to suit NA and NB models, these easy-to-install kits come with everything you need to transform the feel of your Mazda’s gear change. Check out the full range below, or view all of our MX-5 parts.

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Showing all 9 results

About Our MX-5 Short Shifters

We stock a range of different Mazda MX-5 short shifters as part of our MX-5 performance parts stock, suitable for both 5 and 6-speed gearboxes. Supplied by top brands like Eight Nine, Fine Cut and ISR Performance, our kits come complete with all the required hardware and are built to endure the rigours of both daily street and intensive track use.

To find the right short shifter kit for your MX-5, use the filter options to select your model year and engine size.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a short shifter do?
A short shifter decreases the throw of each gear change, meaning the lever doesn’t have to be moved as far to engage the next gear. It also tightens the feeling of the shift action, making it more enjoyable and consistent – ideal for both road and track use alike.

Can a short shifter kit improve my car’s performance?
In a roundabout way, yes. Because they allow for quicker gearchanges, acceleration can be improved – and so too can lap times. Having said that, the main benefit of installing one is the improvement it makes to the feel of the shifter.

How easy is it to install a Mazda MX-5 short shifter?
The installation process isn’t overly complex and can be done entirely from inside the car – you won’t need to work underneath the car or remove the gearbox. If you need any guidance, please don’t hesitate to ask us!