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MX-5 Body & Styling Parts

Make your Mazda MX-5 look as fast as it goes with our collection of body bolt-ons and styling solutions. We carry a wide range of parts to make your MX-5 more unique. Take your MX-5 from cute and cuddly to mean and purposeful by customising how it looks. Get a real performance benefit from aero accessories and chassis braces, or improve your cooling with choice parts from our catalogue.

When your Mazda MX-5 is a racecar for the road, staying safe is all the more important. Our range of roll bars and roll cages protect you in the event of a rollover. Made to Motorsport UK specifications, they cater for a wide range of different applications, whether you’re a B road warrior or a track day tyrant.

Our aero accessories offer a comprehensive collection of treatments to help your MX-5 handle better. With front lips splitters to keep the front end planted and spoilers and wings to add real downforce, our styling accessories aren’t just for looks. Add a diffuser and underbody aero to create a package that increases grip—and looks super aggressive.

Keeping your Mazda MX-5 cool means you can attack the track lap after lap. Bonnet vents not only look cool, but they keep coolant temps down by sucking more air through the radiator. Slam panels keep air flowing through the radiator instead of around it, meaning you can stay out on track even on the hottest summer days.

Transform your Mazda MX-5’s handling from soggy to spicy with our range of chassis braces. Door bars and frame rails help brace the tub, keeping it from twisting and bending. Subframe and strut braces help maintain suspension geometry, enhancing the predictable handling that the MX-5 is beloved for.[/read]

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