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MX-5 Servicing Parts

At BOFI Racing we have a continually expanding range of quality service parts for your Mazda MX-5. We have a delivery of genuine Mazda performance parts directly from Japan every two weeks, reducing the amount of time it takes to bring over otherwise difficult to source components. All of our aftermarket parts are OEM quality or better, ensuring your MX-5 is always serviced with the best parts available.

We have a complete range of service parts for your Mazda MX-5’s engine. Whether you’re building an engine and need a complete gasket set, or doing an annual service and need oil filters and spark plugs, we have . When fiddling with the oily bits you’re certain to need lubricants for your engine, whether it’s assembly lube or engine oil. For the cooling system, we carry a huge range of parts to keep your MX-5 in top running order, including coolant, water pumps and expansion tanks.

For the transmission, we have a full range of parts to keep your Mazda MX-5’s gears shifting smoothly. Our clutch kits range from daily-driver replacements to multi-puck clutches for drifting. For the hydraulics, slave cylinders and clutch lines improve clutch feel dramatically. For differentials, we have a full suite of bearings and seals for rebuilds, and quality polyurethane mounts to secure them in place.

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