MX-5 Performance Air Filters

Our range of MX-5 parts let your MX-5, Roadster or Miata breathe better than ever before with our range of high-performance air filters. A popular, cost-effective upgrade over the standard item, these high-flow MX-5 air filters allow your engine to take in significantly more air, improving response and power. And, because they’re less restrictive, you’ll notice a little extra induction noise too! Check out the full line-up below or view our full range of MX-5 performance parts.

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Showing 1–16 of 27 results

About Our MX-5 Air Filter Range

Ideal for forced induction and N/A machines alike, our range of Mazda MX-5 air filters includes a wide range of options to suit your build perfectly. Looking to push some serious power? Take a look at one of our larger diameter cone filters, perfect for any turbo or supercharger build. Planning an ITB conversion? We’ve got you covered with our range of Individual Throttle Body-specific filters, including filter socks and dome filters.

Looking for a complete, bolt-on induction kit that includes all the pipework and couplers you need? Take a look at our range of MX-5 induction systems.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which size MX-5 air filter do I need?
This really depends on the nature of your build; if you’re planning to chase higher horsepower figures, you’ll need a larger diameter filter to allow plenty of air into your engine. If you’re not sure which filter to choose, just ask – we’re always happy to help!

Do MX-5 performance air filters need to be replaced as often as OEM ones?
The beauty of performance filters is that, unlike their OEM equivalents, they can often be cleaned out periodically, saving you the expense of buying a new one each time you carry out a major service. When cleaning your filter, make sure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions – some filters need to be re-oiled and some don’t, for example.

How do you install a performance air filter?
This section includes only the filters themselves. To install one to a standard MX-5 engine, you’ll need replacement pipework, silicone joiners and clamps. Not to worry though – we’ve grouped all of these essential components together in the induction kit section. If you need any installation assistance, give us a shout.