MX-5 Suspension Parts

From upgraded anti-roll bars and fully adjustable coilovers through to replacement boots, gaskets, bushes and drop links, here at BOFI Racing you’ll find everything you need to completely transform the ride and handling of your MX5. Our extensive range of MX5 suspension parts is packed with top-notch upgrades and OEM replacement parts – so whether you’re modifying your car extensively or restoring it to standard spec, we’ve got you covered. View our products now.

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About Our Range of MX5 Suspension Parts

Our range includes a vast array of quality parts from top brands like BC Racing, MeisterR, Whiteline, SuperPro and more.

Want to refresh your MX5 suspension parts and return it to the condition it was in when it left the factory? Perhaps you want to slam it to the ground and dial in the fitment to get it looking show-ready – or maybe you want to get it ready for its first drift or track day? No matter the goals of your build, our extensive range of MX5 suspension parts has all areas covered. Also be sure to check our reviews on Google for added assurance of quality and satisfaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which MX5 suspension parts upgrade should I start with?
This really depends on your goals and budget. If you’d like to preserve or restore your car, you may want to consider refreshing the worn out suspension bushes before you do anything else. If you want to lower your car and significantly change the way it handles (particularly for track use), coilovers would be an ideal starting point.

What alignment settings would you recommend?
Once you’ve overhauled your suspension, you’ll need an alignment. Here are our recommended settings for your MX-5.

What other mods should I consider for track use?
Besides improving the suspension, there’s a lot more you can do to transform the performance of your MX-5 on track. Take a look at our MX-5 track car build guide for more information.

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