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MX-5 Running Gear Parts

Upgrading your Mazda MX-5’s running gear is a sure-fire way to increase its performance on the road and track. Whilst lots of power makes for great straight-line speed, installing performance suspension, tyres and brakes ensure your MX-5s handles as well as it accelerates. Our entire range of running gear parts is hand-selected by us for their quality performance.

We reckon that every Mazda MX-5 deserves new suspension. Swapping the ancient springs and dampers for a fresh set of coilovers provides possibly the single greatest handling upgrade. Add a pair of adjustable anti-roll bars and a full suite of polyurethane suspension bushes and your MX-5 will corner like it is on rails!

Possibly the most important part of any build is the braking system. Having brakes that can cope with the newfound power and grip is paramount to staying safe on the road and track. More aggressive brake pads and MX-5 brake discs work better at extreme temperatures, ensuring you are able to stop when you need to the most. Big brake kits offer greater stopping power and increased heat-capacity for the most demanding drivers. View our full range of Mazda MX-5 parts and performance parts online.

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