MX-5 Turbocharging Parts

Here’s where you can find MX-5 turbocharging kits, turbos, wastegate actuators, turbo manifolds, blow off valves and everything else you could possibly need to turbocharge your little Mazda. It’s the job of the turbocharger to compress more air flowing into your MX-5’s engine, which allows more fuel to be added. The more air you can force into your engine, the more power you’ll get out of it.

So, if you’re looking for a little extra oomph from your daily drive or for track days, turbocharging your MX-5 could be the perfect solution. At BOFI Racing, we offer an extensive range of MX-5 turbocharging parts, like the TD1 TD04 Turbo Kit for MX-5 NA & NB, and a selection of MX-5 boost controllers.

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About our range of MX-5 Turbocharging Parts

As well as turbos and turbo kits, we also stock MX-5 manifolds and downpipes, which are important upgrade considerations for anyone turbocharging their MX-5. While the car’s factory-fitted downpipe will be good enough to meet a stock vehicle’s performance requirements, anything beyond this begins with replacing the exhaust system’s restrictive stock downpipe.

The downpipe sends exhaust gases from the manifold to the catalytic converter, so replacing these with aftermarket parts is a necessity when you add a turbo.

To extract maximum life from our turbo, you should also consider a blow-off valve — like the Forge Twin Piston BOV — to release the pressure built up in the intake when you let off the throttle or change gear. Blow off valves are also known to create the whoosh sound you’ll hear when the throttle is lifted. If your MX-5 is tuned for more power, the blow off valve is a useful mod to protect the turbine from surge, as well as a way to add a bit more audible charisma.

Frequently asked questions

What are the benefits of turbocharging an MX-5?

Turbocharging a Mazda MX-5 will increase the peak power your car can produce, making it better suited to drag and circuit racing. While the essentialist nature of the naturally-aspirated Mazda MX-5 means purists won’t bother with adding a turbo, there’s nothing wrong with wanting more power and torque.

What are the differences between turbocharging and supercharging an MX-5?

While a turbocharger is powered by a turbine in the exhaust system, a supercharger is driven directly by the engine via a belt, which causes a bigger drain on the engine. Supercharging pros include instantaneous power delivery, but this comes at the expense of peak power. Turbocharging offers higher peak power, but there’s also the dreaded turbo lag to contend with.

Do you need a boost controller if you have a turbo?

A boost controller helps to regulate the amount of boost pressure created by your turbocharger, which allows your MX-5 to switch between different maps for different road or track scenarios. You can also use features such as boost by gear and boost by throttle position with a boost control solenoid like the MAC Boost Control Solenoid EBC.

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