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Wheels and tyres can make or break a car. Not only can they transform the way your MX-5 looks, they can dramatically improve its cornering performance, traction and stopping power. Not only do we stock a comprehensive range of aftermarket MX-5 wheels and tyres here at BOFI Racing, we also have all of the accessories you need to fit and maintain your new wheel and tyre combo. Check out the full lineup below.

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About Our Range of MX-5 Wheels, Tyres & Accessories

Whether you fancy treating your MX-5 to a new set of wheels, need a fresh set of tyres or are in need of spigot rings or wheel nuts, we’ve got you covered here at BOFI Racing. Our comprehensive range includes everything you need: from replacement tyre valves and wheel studs to handy tyre pressure gauges and quality wheel spacers, we’ve got it all!

Our range isn’t just vast: It’s made up of top brands that are respected across the industry. You’ll find famous names like SSR, Enkei, WedsSport and more, all right here in one place. It’s never been easier to find your dream set of wheels and tyres. Check our reviews on Google.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to use spacers on wheels?
There’s a common misconception that wheel spacers are dangerous to use. But in reality, good quality spacers that have been correctly installed are anything but dangerous. We only stock quality spacers here at BOFI Racing, all of which have been tried and tested by our team. Slip-on wheel spacers are totally safe, provided you have enough thread engagement remaining on the wheel stud once they’re fitted. We would suggest installing extended wheel studs if you plan to use slip-on spacers wider than 5mm. Bolt-on spacers are equally safe, provided they’re torqued down correctly. Both types are used extensively on road, track and drift cars the world over.

What are the main advantages of aftermarket wheels?
Apart from the obvious aesthetic benefit, aftermarket wheels can also help improve the performance of your MX-5. They’re typically lighter than their stock counterparts and can be wider too, allowing wider, gripper tyres to be fitted. Sizing up to a larger diameter wheel will also allow you to fit a big brake kit, transforming your car’s stopping power.

Which wheel studs and nuts do I need?
We offer a range of wheel studs and nuts designed for a range of different MX-5 models. If you’re not sure which ones to choose, please feel free to get in touch with us for advice!

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