MX-5 Heat Management Parts

Excess heat entering the intake accelerates engine wear and creates less power. The heat then causes the air to become less dense, resulting in less oxygen in hot air than in the same volume of cold air.

When engines intake cool air with increased oxygen levels, it results in a more powerful explosion within the cylinder. This is why forced induction uses intercoolers and naturally aspirated engines use cold air intakes, with the aim to get the coldest air possible going into the intake manifold. By insulating as many heat sources as possible, you can get lower under bonnet temps and ensure your engine runs as cool and efficiently as possible.

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Heat management doesn’t just help performance, but also interior comfort. Adding heat shielding between the cabin and heat sources can greatly reduce the overall cabin temperature, making long distances journeys and warm track days significantly more comfortable.

Exhaust wraps can replace the rusting and unsightly heat shields as well as improve overall heat shielding, ensuring no excess heat gets into the intake or the cabin. Lava Wrap, the exhaust wrap we recommend, can withstand continuous temperatures of almost 650°C and intermittent heat levels of over 1000°C, this is the melting point of most rocks.

Heat shielding is a very important but often overlooked aspect when building a car. We highly recommend applying some extra shielding around the major heat sources when you’re adding power or tracking a car, you can benefit from increased performance, a longer lifespan from your engine and a more comfortable cabin temperature.

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