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Whether it’s turbocharged, supercharged or naturally-aspirated, upgrading your stock MX-5 exhaust systems can do wonders for any Mazda. At BOFI Racing, we live and breathe MX-5s, as well as the many ways they can be tuned, from air filters to turbo kits and everything in between. Exhaust systems are no different, and we offer a wide array of exhaust system parts to improve your MX-5s performance. These include exhaust manifolds, back boxes, decat pipes and a tonne more!

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About Our Range of MX-5 Exhaust System Parts

The MX-5 exhaust manifold is where the gases exit the engine and enter the exhaust system. If the manifold you’ve got fitted currently is too restrictive, either by being too small or having excessively sharp turns, it can create unwanted back pressure. The free-flowing MX-5 exhaust manifolds we offer for naturally-aspirated or supercharged MX5s aim to help the engine pump more air to increase power output. But they aren’t to be confused with our turbo manifolds, which are designed exclusively for turbo builds. Check out the Good Win Racing RoadsterSport Exhaust Manifold for the Mazda MX-5 NA 1.8.

Once out of the manifold, the gases travel through a down-pipe and enter the catalytic converter. This is the most restrictive part of the exhaust system by far, so it’s often completely removed and replaced with a decat pipe on MX-5 builds that spend a lot of time whizzing around a circuit. Browse our selection of decat pipes (and downpipes that have been modded to remove the cat. converter) and mid pipes, like the M2 Motorsport 2.5-inch Mid Pipe.

After the cat, or de-cat pipe, comes a mid-pipe and back box. A back box and mid-pipe together is often called a cat-back exhaust system, as it attaches to the back of the catalytic converter. The back box is where the noise of the engine is muffled or silenced. Usually, a back box is another part that is fairly restrictive. To unleash as many horses as possible, we stock back boxes that not only allow the gases to flow freely, but also sound significantly better than the standard exhaust.

Finally, as far as MX-5 exhaust system upgrades go, we sell specialist exhaust back boxes to let your MX-5 sing. Back boxes replace the rearmost section of your exhaust system, making your Mazda MX-5 sound better and improving durability of the part over factory-fitted items.

You can also find MX-5 cat-backs at BOFI Racing, which are designed to fit straight to the existing catalytic converter, under the standard bumper, without any modification. Explore the full range of MX-5 exhaust system parts and order yours online today.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of upgrading to a performance exhaust system

Upgrading to a performance exhaust system offers several benefits, including improved sound, increased horsepower and much more style. Upgraded exhausts typically feature wider diameters and higher-quality stainless steel construction, as well as giving your car a nicer sound. What’s better than a rumbling MX-5?

How to choose the right exhaust system parts for MX-5?

Deciding on the right exhaust parts really depends on what your MX-5 needs. If you’re focussed on better sound, consider upgrading to an aftermarket exhaust system that can provide a more aggressive tone. If you’re looking to boost performance, then look for an exhaust system setup that offers more horsepower.

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