BOFI Racing Rewards MX5 Miata Eunos NB NC ND

Mazda MX-5 NC/Mk3 Used Buying Guide: The Good, the Bad and the Rusty

Here’s everything you need to know before you invest your hard-earned cash into a Mazda MX-5 NC (also known as a Mk3). Launched in 2005, the NC was an all-new model compared to its predecessor, with much-improved safety thanks to more airbags and traction control to prevent spinning out in the rear-wheel drive roadster. The […]

Singular Motorsports Bonnet Vents for Mazda MX-5 NB

Heat management: How to keep engine temps down on your MX-5

Excess heat entering your MX-5 intake is a no-no. Not only does it accelerate engine wear, but it also creates less power. Researching proper engine bay heat management for your Mazda is an important part of keeping your car in top condition, boosting its performance as well as any interior comfort. Here’s what you need […]

Finding the Perfect Fit: MX-5 Seat Compatibility Guide

The Mazda MX-5 is renowned for its captivating design and dynamic driving experience. While factory-installed seats provide good comfort levels, owners soon find the additional support offered by aftermarket is essential when pushing an MX-5 to its limit. This comprehensive guide will explore MX-5 NA, NB, NC, and ND seat compatibility, considering width limitations, seat […]

Time for new shoes? Here are five of our favourite MX-5 wheel options for NA and NB

It’s often said that wheels can make or break a car, and here at BOFI Racing we couldn’t agree more with that statement. An otherwise impressive build can be let down by a poor choice of wheels – while an otherwise stock-looking MX-5 can be transformed with high-quality wheels that fit beautifully. There’s more to […]

How To Dial In Your MX-5 Suspension Setup Like A Motorsport Team

Here are some links provided by Fat Cat Motorsports that have set up a calculator to allow you to set the car up just right and bench race what changes will do to the car. Coilovers, adjustable suspension or otherwise, are one of the most important tools in the car setup. Putting these on without […]

Five mods to make your MX-5 corner like it’s on rails

If there’s one thing the MX-5 is famous for, it’s handling. Poised, balanced and approachable, the MX-5 is a fine handling car in all its various forms – and with a low kerb weight, 50-50 weight distribution and a low centre of gravity, it’s no wonder why. Although the MX-5 is certainly a lot of […]

NC MX5 Miata Engine Overhaul Workshop Manual

The following is a link to the NC 2.0 MZR / LF engine overhaul manual. This includes assembly tolerances, procedures and torque specifications for engine rebuild. 2006_2008_engine_overhaul

What Parts do I Need for a 400BHP MX5 Miata

This is a guide of how to make a 400BHP BP engine on Pump Fuel that lasts on track and will work with a 6 speed mx5 gearbox. There are many ways to make 400bhp, 400ftlb of torque at 5500rpm is 418bhp, this would stress every component in the engine and overheat many of the […]

Introducing Eight Nine DiffWeld Differential Locking Fluid Additive

Introducing Eight Nine DiffWeld – the revolutionary new additive that converts your open differential into a Limited Slip Differential (LSD)! Are you tired of welding up your mates’ open differentials with your Aldi Gasless MIG? Well – look no further, this just in for April 2023 Japanese Performance brand Eight Nine is bringing the JDM […]

Chasing Every Last Horsepower With Porting!

If you read the blog article about my car in October last year, you may recall that I was preparing to install a new cylinder head onto the engine. Well, that work is all complete now. After a day on the dyno, I asked Dan if I could follow up and share the results, as […]

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