MX-5 Supercharging Parts

Superchargers add significant power, while preserving the natural throttle response of your Mazda MX-5. In fact, fitting a supercharger is sometimes compared to the likes of fitting a much larger engine due to the amount of power added. At BOFI Racing, we offer a range of MX-5 supercharging parts — including the superchargers themselves, supercharger kits + fitting kits, bypass valves and supercharger pulleys.

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About Our Range of MX-5 Supercharging Parts

When it comes to MX-5 supercharging parts, we’ve got you covered, no matter what parts you’re after. Have a gander at our overlay pulleys which spin the superharger faster to make more power.

If you’re looking to upgrade your MX-5’s peak performance without introducing turbo lag, check out our Salon Motorsport M45 Supercharger Fitting Kit. This kit is ultra stiff, unlike other kits can twist when the belt is tensioned, throwing the belt off. The supercharger fitting kit brackets on our Salon Motorsport fitting kit features an autotensioner, increasing the longevity of the belt and reducing the stress on the overall supercharger setup.

The MX-5 is a stunning car to get behind the wheel of due to its lightweight, front-mounted engine, rear-wheel drive and balanced weight distribution, just like British roadsters dating back to the 60s. Everyday speeds in the MX-5 feel exciting, and it doesn’t need thrown around a track to deliver thrills on the UK’s twisty, uneven roads. However, with that said, supercharging your MX-5 makes sense if you want much more oomph.

Our range of MX-5 Superchargers includes the Mini Cooper S Reconditioned M45 With Recoated Teflon Blades. Check it out now.

Frequently asked questions

What parts do you need to install a supercharger to an MX-5?

When installing a supercharger to your Mazda MX-5, the following parts are typically needed: supercharger brackets, engine management, sensors, injectors, intercooler, bypass valve and blow-off valve.

What does a supercharger do?

In essence, a supercharger is an air compressor that increases the pressure of air supplied to your car’s engine — which boosts torque and power potential. The supercharger compresses the air that the engine takes in (forced induction) and helps your MX-5 to burn more fuel. For cost-effective power enhancement and minimal engine mods, a supercharger is ideal.

What is the difference between a supercharger and a turbocharger?

While a turbocharger is powered by a turbine in the exhaust system, a supercharger is driven directly by the engine via a belt, typically connected to the crankshaft. This means that a supercharger uses an increasing amount of the engine’s power to spin itself as revs climb. Despite turbo lag, many people opt for a turbocharger over a supercharger due to the energy that a supercharger draws from the car’s engine.

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