MX-5 Engine Block Parts

MX-5 Engine Block Parts

When building an engine block for a Mazda MX-5, the first step is usually to install a set of connecting rods. The standard connecting rods are often the limiting factor for forced induction builds, whilst naturally aspirated engines spinning to high-RPMs benefit from stronger rod bolts to hold everything together. Aftermarket forged pistons offer both increased durability and a wide range of specifications to suit any build.

Replacing the engine bearings with harder-wearing race variants can help to protect the engine during extreme operating conditions thanks to multiple design considerations that increase longevity. Piston rings are available in a  variety of materials for standard and oversize pistons. Moly and chrome piston rings are suited to extreme operating conditions, with moly providing excellent oil retention characteristics.

Any built engine block benefits from parts to increase the engine’s longevity. Harmonic dampers reduce the resonant vibrations in the crankshaft which can greatly impact crankshaft life if left unchecked. It is recommended practice for builds chasing extreme power or RPM to replace the standard oil pump gears —which are sintered in the NA & NB, and prone to shattering—with billet pieces.

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