Lead Times Explained

Every product on the website has a lead time associated with it and is displayed right below the price and above the ‘add to basket’ button. This lead time informs you of our most up-to-date information on the availability of the item you are looking at. There are a few formats this lead time text can take and are broken down into 3 categories – ‘In Stock’, ‘On Backorder’, and ‘Out of Stock’. What all of this means and how they are displayed is explained below.

In Stock

Items with a lead time status in this category are in stock and ready to go in our warehouse. Usually, these lead times will be very descriptive and display accurate stock quantities of available stock. ‘Available Stock’ means just that, stock sitting on the shelves and ready to go. If there is an active restock order, the lead time may display ‘X more due on DD/MM/YYYY’ to indicate that we are expecting an additional quantity to arrive. This extra quantity will become available stock on the date displayed.

Items ordered with a lead time status in this category are available for next-day despatch or collection when ordered. Examples of in-stock lead times are in the list below:

  • 12 in stock
  • 4 in stock | 9 more on 12/12/2020

On Backorder

If you see a lead time on a product from this category, it means the item is not currently in stock in our warehouse and is not available for next-day despatch or collection. Usually, this means it is temporarily out of stock or in some rare cases the item can be shipped directly to you from the supplier. There are multiple lead time labels to indicate an item that is on backorder, but they can be quickly identified by the text ‘Available to order’ before any additional information. Specifics for each type of lead time can be found below:

  • 6 due on 12/12/2020
  • 6 due on 12/12/2020 | 11 more incoming

A lead time matching either of the above statements means the item is usually stocked and new shipments are inbound. The number displayed is not the total number of items in the shipment, but rather the number of items in each shipment that are still available. If an order is placed for an item displaying this data, the quantity will reduce accordingly. If there is a quantity displayed with the text ‘more incoming’, that indicates that our re-stock order is in multiple shipments and that additional quantity will arrive after the displayed date.

  • Available to order – 1 month and 2 days
  • Available to order – ships in …

These can indicate items that are experiencing longer than normal lead times. If a fairly specific restock date is indicated, this has been received from the supplier and indicates the item will be available after this date. A more general lead time will be displayed on items that are custom ordered for you, sent directly from the supplier, or items that are less commonly ordered. The amount of time displayed is calculated from live data of past shipments we have received and is indicative of the wait time you can expect.

  • 4 overdue from supplier

This usually means the item you are looking at has been ordered in from our suppliers and is currently 3 or more days late to arrive. This can happen for a variety of reasons but will be updated as and when we get more information about the shipment from our suppliers or shipping partners. Once again, any number displayed here is not indicative of the total size of the restock, but rather how many items are still available to purchase.

Out of Stock

This is a very simple status and is used to indicate products that are no longer available or that we no longer intend to stock in our warehouse. Occasionally an item might be set to ‘Out of stock’ because a supplier has informed us of exceptional supply issues, but it is far more common for this to indicate a permanent stop to sales. It should be assumed that items with this status have no restock date available and an alternative product should be considered. Please contact a member of our team via our customer support channels for guidance if an item you are interested in is displaying a status from the list below:

  • Out of stock
  • No longer available


While every effort is made to display accurate lead times and arrival dates for products offered on the website, it is important to note the dates displayed are not final or binding. Manufacturing and shipment delays are common and can happen without warning causing an item to be late to restock. The website will always display the most up-to-date information that we have and delayed items will have the ETAs updated as soon as we have more information. If an item you are looking to order or have already ordered is late, please contact our customer support team to discuss the availability of alternative products.

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