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Brexit sucks

There, we said it.

Since the end of the transition period on the 31st December 2020 sending parcels to Europe has been a challenge, to say the least.

We know it’s not been easy for our valued European customers. Firstly, the amount charged for customs duties is hard to calculate, then there are the extortionate admin fees to pay. The best part is that the whole lot is subject to VAT, and can turn what appears to be a cheap order into a surprisingly expensive one.

This often leads to extended delivery delays, as customs request payment before the goods are released.

None of this makes for a good customer experience, so we’ve taken matters into our own hands.

What's changed?

We’ve developed a way to clearly show—and charge—VAT and duties at checkout.

This means that there are no hidden admin fees, no delays, and faster delivery of your precious speed parts.

To make this possible, we have registered for VAT in the Netherlands and joined the Import One Stop Shop (IOSS) scheme. This allows us to calculate the amount of VAT and duties owed, which can be paid at checkout just like before Brexit.

We then work closely with customs agents to clear your goods quickly through customs, pay VAT and duties on your behalf, and deliver your parcel as quickly and as safely as possible.

This means no surprises, ever. The price you pay at checkout is the final amount.

The delivery was perfect! There were no problems with the delivery, and the VAT was calculated perfectly.

Mitchell Broeren

mitchell broeren

Delivery went great, didn't have to pay any duties on arrival, way better this way.

Neils Elsing

mx5onderhoud netherlands

The shipping went great! It took a little longer than before Brexit but like I said, it went great!

Daan Brouwers

daan netherlands

How does it work?

We do all of the hard work for you to ensure buying parts from us is as easy as possible.

When shopping from Europe, you will see that all of our prices are now shown including VAT. At checkout, we work out how much customs duty is owed for each product. The best part is that we then take payment for VAT and duties and you never need to think about it again.

Because we’ve collected the VAT and duties, we pay them to the relevant authorities and clear your parts quickly through customs.

It’s basically like buying from us before Brexit.

Our new delivery process

UK Warehouse

EU DDP Shipping Racking We pick your order from our UK warehouse and package it carefully in eco-friendly packaging.

UK Parcel Hub

EU DDP Shipping Open Truck Your parcel is sent to the UK sorting hub where it is loaded onto a lorry and taken to the EU.

Netherlands Parcel Hub

EU DDP Shipping Orange Warehouse Your parcel arrives at the sorting hub within the Netherlands.

Customs Clearance

EU DDP Shipping Customs Our customs agent clears your parcel in the Netherlands and we pay any VAT and duties that may be owed.

Destination Parcel Hub

EU DDP Shipping Blue Truck Your parcel is taken to a distribution hub in the country of delivery and progresses through the delivery network.

Destination Delivery Hub

EU DDP Shipping Delivery Truck Your parcel is loaded onto a delivery van ready to be delivered to your address.

Fee-Free Delivery

EU DDP Shipping Delivery Man

Your parcel is delivered quickly and safely without incurring any additional fees.

Common European delivery queries answered

Frequently Asked Questions

Delivery Duty Paid (DDP) is a shipping service where the VAT and customs duties (if there are any) are paid at the checkout, instead of when they enter the country of delivery. With DDP you know exactly what you are paying when you place your order, and won’t be faced with any unexpected charges at the time of delivery.

DHL Express deliver all our European parcels which are shipped using a Delivery Duty Paid (DDP) service.

Shipping costs are calculated automatically at the checkout when the delivery address is entered, and is comparable to Delivery Duty Unpaid (DDP) services offered by UPS and Royal Mail.

There are no hidden admin fees, handling fees or surcharges to pay before delivery because we clear your parcel through customs on your behalf. The price you pay at checkout is the final price, there are no surprises! If your order has been delivered to an address within the European Union and you have been charged, please keep proof of payment and contact our customer service team via the Contact Us page.

Orders below £135 including VAT and delivery are exempt from import duties as part of new EU VAT reforms to simplify VAT for goods sold from a distance, called the Import One Stop Shop (IOSS) scheme. Orders over £135 are still subject to customs duties, however, these are calculated and paid for at checkout.

Duties are calculated for each product at checkout and typically range from 2.7% to 4.5% of the EX-VAT price. Some products such as clothing are subject to duties between 7% and 12%.

For all orders shipping used a Delivery Duty Paid (DDP) service you will see duties calculated separately at checkout above the order total. For orders under £135 that are shipped under the IOSS scheme, a total of £0 will be shown. Duties for orders over £135 are calculated according to the utility 

VAT is calculated at the rate set by the destination country for orders below £135. This is displayed at checkout next to the order total so you can easily see how much VAT we will pay on your behalf.

We use two different methods to clear parcels through customs. Under £135, orders are cleared using the Import One Stop Shop (IOSS) scheme, which requires VAT to be charged at the rate of the destination country. For orders over £135 goods are cleared in the Netherlands first—where VAT is charged at 21%—before entering free-circulation within the EU.

Due to the way we clear your parcels through customs, overall delivery times should be shorter because customs will not need to contact you for payment of VAT and duties. However, your order may take a slightly longer to be dispatched than normal as we group individual parcels into larger shipments.

Unfortunately we are unable to use DDP services when shipping via UPS or Royal Mail. Orders using these shipping methods will be shipped as normal. VAT, customs duties and any handling fees that may be due will need to be paid at the border by the customer prior to delivery.

The largest parcel we can send on a DDP service is 120x60x60cm. The majority of our parcels fit easily within these dimensions. However, some longer items such as front lips, side skirts and wings fall outside these limits. Most products on our website will show the dimensions under the Additional Info tab.

Each box can weigh up to 30 kg. There is no limit to the number of boxes that can shipped in an order. Most products on our website will show the weight under the Additional Info tab.

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