Boundary Engineering Assembled Oil Pump for Mazda MX-5
Boundary Assembled HIGH FLOW Oil Pump with Billet Gears VVT
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Boundary Assembled HIGH FLOW Oil Pump with Billet Gears VVT

£479.99 inc. VAT

Keep your engine alive, even spinning to the moon

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This pump is suitable for the VVT engine as well as 1991.5 to 00 1.6s and 1.8s and is considered an upgrade for those engines.

Stage II pumps increase the overall flow by machining a deeper pocket into the oil pump and fitting larger gears in this pocket. This increases the strength of the pump, increases mid-range oil pressure, and increases the strength of the oil pump gears.

  1. Everything the stage I pump has plus
  2. Larger gears are fitted into the oil pump which increases mid range protection and insures compatibility with VVT.
  3. The pump is shimmed increasing maximum warm pressure from 60 PSI to 70 PSI.

A must have upgrade for any MX5 looking to run either a higher rev limiter, or higher power. A good rule of thumb is anything over 300 horsepower you really should be looking at these gears. Shock loading causing by boost cut or RPM limit can shatter the OEM sintered oil pump gears causing complete engine failure.

Consider it pretty required insurance if you’ve just built a forged engine with new pistons, rods, bearings – you wouldnt want all that to be ruined by an oil pump failure.

The sintered gears inside of a stock oil pump assembly only rates to about 6KSI of stress before shattering. These gears provide a serious structural upgrade to 90Ksi steel.





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