BC Racing BR Series Coilovers For Mazda MX-5 NA NB
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BC Racing BR Series Coilovers For Mazda MX-5 NA NB

From: £695.88

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BC Racing BR Series Coilovers For Mazda MX-5 NA NB use a large 46mm diameter piston in a 53mm diameter damper body to maximise oil capacity. As the damper unit opearates the oil contained within heats up. The viscosity of oil changes as its temperature varies which can lead to changes in the damping characteristics of the unit.

BC Racing only use a very high quality oil with their coilovers but go that extra mile to maximise performance and build their BR range with a large 53mm diameter damper body. This increases the capacity of the unit which increases the volume of oil contained which in turn reduces the peak temperature and so significantly improves damper performance.

Top Mounts

Type RS: Front rubber / rear rubber top mounts

Type RA: Front pillowball / rear rubber top mounts

Type RH: Front pillowball / rear pillowball top mounts

Spring rates

10/8: Trackday with oversteer bias

10/6: Trackday

8/6: Sport

6/5: Street

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm

BC Racing


Type RS: Front rubber / rear rubber top mounts, Type RA: Front pillowball / rear rubber top mounts, Type RH: Front pillowball / rear pillowball top mounts


12Kg / 10Kg, 11Kg/ 7Kg, 10Kg / 10Kg, 10Kg / 8Kg, 10Kg / 6Kg, 9Kg / 6Kg, 8Kg / 6Kg, 7Kg / 5Kg, 6Kg / 5Kg, 5Kg / 4Kg

5 reviews for BC Racing BR Series Coilovers For Mazda MX-5 NA NB

  1. twaccounts (verified owner)

    Bought these as an alternative to the Meisters i’d had on previous cars (Due to Meister not wishing to match the spring rates i wished to run).

    Cannot sing their praises enough. Well priced, just the right balance of firm and compliant for use on the road (including 1000 mile runs into Europe on the regular), attacking the odd twisty road in “Mexico”, giving it death on a handling/autotest circuit, or going 11/10ths on track.

    Been on the car for about 18 months now, and theyre as taut as they day i bought them. No signs of corrosion unlike the Meisters i had after just a year (yes, yes, i should of put coilover socks on them, but hay).

    For reference, NB 1.8 with stock ARBS, running the RS model coilover with 8KG front and 6KG rears. Car is boosted, semi daily-driver, and sees all sorts of weather.

    Would buy again without question!

  2. tarkmalbot (verified owner)

    I bought these over the Meisters for no other reason than I wanted to give them a try. I got the 8kg/6kg with rubber tops as it was for a road car that only goes to the track now and then. They fit the car perfectly and were no problems at all. There were some sort of ARB brackets that weren’t required. They felt great out of the box and were a perfect ride height. On track I wound them almost fully up and were still not quite hard enough for full on race attack but that is a compromise I am happy with after knowing what my rally car feels like on the road! Due to the longer shock length inside the boot you can no longer fit the spare wheel back in so something to consider. I can reach the top adjusters in the back no problem even with the fuel filler guard in place. Eunos NA 1.6 Turbocharged.

  3. James

    Great set of coilovers, great value as well. Fitted these instead of meisters due to them being sold out everywhere. My car is a track car that gets driven to the track and the ride with the dampers would down is more than bearable.

    I’ve now had these on for two years and no sign of any corrosion. They still look just as good as the day I fitted them!

  4. James Futcher

    Great set of coilovers and good value! Bought these 2 years ago in place of meisters as they were out of stock everywhere and I certainly dont regret my decision. My car is a track that gets driven to the track and long car rides are still bearable even with a stripped interior.

    No corrosion whatso ever, still look as good as the day I put them on!

  5. boborider (verified owner)

    Item arrived in a week from the order date to a foreing European country. Just installed the coilovers a couple of days ago and driven a hundred Kms approx. The handling feels much more direct compared to the factory setup even so it is not uncomfortable at all. First experiences are very positive.

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