Energy Suspension Complete Poly Bush Kit for Mazda MX-5 NA NB
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Energy Suspension Complete Poly Bush Kit for Mazda MX-5 NA NB

£271.49 ex VAT

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Rubber softens over time, reducing its ability to hold your suspension components firmly in place. This means that when your wheels hits the road, the once meticulously aligned suspension is able to flex, moving your geometry along with it. By replacing your tired rubber bushes with uprated polyurethane, your suspension keeps its alignment better, making your car handle more positively and predictably.

Moreover, the design of these bushings is more akin to a bearing, allowing the arm to move freely up and down while being solidly located within the arm. This allows the suspension to do its job rather than the control arm bush acting as a damper in motion. Highly recommended by BOFI Racing to ensure predictable, repeatable handling characteristics, giving you an even better feel in the hand than when the car was new.

Fitting Notes; Anti Roll Bar bushes are suitable for an NA and may be too small / large for NB.

What’s in the box?

Front control arm bushing set: 11.3105

4x 2165 Upper control arm

2x 2690 Lower control arm Rear pos/front

2x 2691 Lower control arm Rear pos/rear

2x 2692 Lower control arm Front Pos/ front

2x 2693 Lower control arm Front Pos/ rear

2x 15.10.549.39 (.875″ x.500″ x 2.750″)

2x 15.10.472.39 (.875″ x.500″ x 2.355″)

4x 15.10.575.39 (.813″ x.625″ x 2.250″)

1x 17491 Instruction sheet

Front sway bar bushing set: 11.5102

2x 5042 Bushings

4x 8062 Bushings

4x (.625″ x.393″ x.940″)

4x (.702″ x.402″ x.090″)

2x Mini Bracket

1x 17086 Instruction sheet

Rear control arm bushing set: 11.3106

8x 2694 Upper

4x 2695 Lower outer pos/ inside

8x 2696 Lower inner pos

4x 2697 Hub to upper control arm

4x 2699 Lower outer pos/ outside

4x 15.10.541.39 (.875″ x.562″ x2.270″)RLCA outer

4x 15.10.549.39 (.875″ x.500″ x2.750″)RLCA inner

4x 15.10.576.39 (.875″ x.406″ x2.200″)RUCA

2x 15.10.577.39 (.750″ x.406″ x2.250″)HUB

2x (2.000″ x .500″ x .120″)WASHER

2x (2.000″ x .562″ x .120″)WASHER

1x 17492 Instruction Sheet

Rear sway bar bushing set:11.5103

2x 5099 Rear .5″ bushing

4x 8062 End link bushing

4x (.625″ x .393″ x .940″)

1x 17086 Instruction sheet

Rear Differential Bushing set:11.4101

2x 2698 Differential case bushings

2x 4247 Cross member washer bushings

2x 15.10.329.39 (0.875″ x0.563″ x2.500″)

1x 17493 Instruction sheet


1x 9.11113 2oz. Red Grease Tub


Additional information

Weight 6.36 kg
Dimensions 40 × 23 × 14.5 cm

Energy Suspension


3 reviews for Energy Suspension Complete Poly Bush Kit for Mazda MX-5 NA NB

  1. margus

    Good product. Installed on my previous MX5 with grease nipples and all great(winter salt will kill them eventually so they aren´t everlasting ). For new MX5 orderd cheap set of poly bushes and they were crap. Ordered again ES kit and all up to proper quality standards.

  2. John Rowles (verified owner)

    I have the full set on my 94 NA and they are perfect, made so much difference.

  3. Lucas Loney (verified owner)

    Speedy delivery , high quality product

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