Here at BOFI Racing our choice for rollbars are those manufactured by GC Fabrications here in the UK, we run them on all our cars from the usual ‘GC’ style bars to the ‘GCR’ rollbars for our more track-oriented cars.

The GCR bars follow the roof line more or less as closely as possible, giving you the most amount of head clearance in the unfortunate event of a crash, however, they do come further into the cabin and can interfere slightly with the maximum rearward seat position. With that in mind, we tend to only recommend the GC style of rollbars for people over 34″ leg length, however, if you can get the seat low enough that tends to remove the issue.

Having rolled the Peril with a GC style of rollbar where the main hoop is directly over the seatbelt towers and isn’t as tall as the GCR bar I decided that I wanted the safest possible rollbar for the car without going to a full 6 point system which, in reality, is largely going to be less safe used on the road with a 3 point seatbelt.

We recently approached Speed Academy as they announced they were building a track oriented MX-5/Miata build where many YouTubers would be testing the car and competing for times at the local circuit – now, we’re big fans of the youtube community and having first-hand experience of how things can go wrong without much warning we wanted the guys and girls behind the wheel to be as safe as could be.

Speed Academy have put together a very helpful video showing how you can fit the GCR rollbar, unfortunately they weren’t able to use the door bars with the Recaro Pole Positions – they’re a very wide seat anyway but we can confirm that the Sparco Sprint and the Motamec MRX (our go to seat) fits both passenger and driver side.

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