I’ll make this into a proper blog post later down the line, but as we prepare for tomorrows dyno session I thought it’d be nice to share some useful data analysis examples.

The attached images are using megalogviewer with a log generated from your ECU.

With closed loop boost tuning we’re asking the ECU for a specific boost level (KPA) but we’re limited by whats physically possible.

Megasquirt has a ‘Setup’ mode which aggressively tries to make the target, allowing you to populate the bias table. ME also has a closed loop boost algorithm.

Turn on closed loop boost, set a reasonable boost target and then gather some data. Chuck it into megalogviewer and configure some views as per the attached.

Provided you set your X/Y axis up the same as in your ECU you’ll be able to copy and paste the data, then fill in the blanks – just a case of tuning the sensitivity then and checking several times under different load conditions.

Most importantly, it highlights what your system can physically produce based on logs and what duty % it needed to achieve that number.

Happy Tuning.

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