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With the success of our dual friction clutch that has been proven to take a reliable 300ftlbs with a near oem pedal feel we’ve been working to bring the next level of clutch for those people who are moving to twin disc style clutches for their MX5.

This system is full faced organic on both sides meaning its easy to use in traffic, isn’t harsh on the flywheel or the pressure plate and is relatively inexpensive to service. The issue with the MX5 clutch systems is the amount of force the stock style pressure plate can put on the disc, without keeping it solidly mated to the flywheel during operation you will have slipping issues.

Many other manufacturers use the same style with harder and harder springs which make the whole experience far more difficult on your clutch leg. We found the happy limit with our dual friction clutch but in order to go further the whole system needed to be completely redesigned.

You need stiff springs but you also need an aggressive lever for the clutch fork to push against so you need to put in far less effort than expected. This is about as close to oem a pedal feel as we can get, a little harder than the dual friction clutch is again a little harder than stock – but nothing like the common ‘stage 3 or 4’ units.

As it’s a custom billet pressure plate it comes with a quality release bearing in order to make it all work. We supply in the box a quality pilot bearing and a clutch alignment tool – installation is the same as any other clutch for the Mx5.

This product has been rigorously tested, manufactured in the UK and is fully supported by us here at BOFI Racing.


Torque Capacity: 385ftlb /500BHP+ (385ftlb @ 7000rpm = 513bhp)

Disc Type: Sprung (6)

Pedal Feel: Near OEM

Warranty: 12 Months

Included in the Box: 

KOYO Pilot Bearing

Clutch Alignment Tool

Pressure Plate

Friction Disc

Release Bearing



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