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Our Story

BOFI Racing started as a blog. It was—and still is—our mission to drive more Mazda MX-5 owners into motorsport. Having competed successfully at club level for a few seasons, we knew first-hand how hard it was to find out where to do motorsport that wasn’t full-blown circuit racing. With that in mind, we set about writing how to do motorsport on a budget.

As Leigh, James and Daniel had met through mutual ownership of MX-5s, we decided to keep the blog focused on our favourite sports car. With over a million sold there certainly shouldn’t be a shortage of people who might be willing to read our posts! To pay for the hosting, we designed t-shirts and stickers to sell on the website, drawing on ideas from our own trackside experiences.

With frequent discussions about the various states of tune we found our cars in, we realised there wasn’t a one-stop shop for Mazda MX-5 performance parts in the UK. We set about sourcing as many MX-5 specific parts as we could, from air filters to turbo kits and everything in between. Quickly outgrowing the bedroom and a small office shortly thereafter, we moved into an industrial unit with a warehouse and workshop in late 2019.

With better facilities for storing and packaging products, we have been able to offer fast shipping on parts that come from many specialist suppliers across the world. Where we couldn’t find a suitable product we’ve designed our own, and by partnering with our suppliers we have discovered some amazing products that we otherwise would never have known had existed.

We love hearing about your builds. Our grassroots nature means you can reach us by phone, email and social media. You can also find us at shows, track days and other events across the country. Check our Facebook page to see where you can come to meet us throughout the year. 

Our Team


Marketing Director

Leigh manages the e-commerce and marketing at BOFI Racing. When he's not being the face of our YouTube channel, he'll be getting stuck into the next set of products and marketing promotions. Leigh has been previously compared to a Moog from

Daily Driver – Mercedes C350 CDI 

Mazda MX-5 – Shock Pink 1990 252HP Supercharged 1.6


Sales Director

Dan manages sales & accounts as well as being our resident Tuner. When we can wrestle him away from the Dyno, he looks over our financial & operations data to ensure everything runs smoothly. Dan is the only member of the BOFI team that is qualified to drive upside down.

Daily Driver – Mazda 6 

Mazda MX-5 – Stone Silver 1992 250hp Turbocharged 1.6


Technical Director

James is our in-house technical wizard. He's the one managing our server, developing custom plug-ins and designing bespoke products. He also has a habit of collecting various non running project cars. At last count, there are 4 dead vehicles littered around his garage.

Daily Driver – Mazda 323 V6

Mazda MX-5 #1 – Copper Red 2007 2.5L Swapped 

Mazda MX-5 #2 – Lava Orange 1998 3UZ V8 Swapped



Will works with our many suppliers coordinating stock orders as well as finding awesome new products to offer. When he's not doing that, Will spends his time consuming copious amounts of YumYums. He also hates baked beans.

Daily Driver – Lexus GS430


Marketing & Website

Jake looks after the website, creating new pages (including this one!), making product builders and adding new listings. He also organises promotions & marketing materials. As well as being an MX-5 fan, Jake has a soft spot for crap French cars.

Daily Driver – Peugeot 106

Mazda MX-5 – Classic Red 1989 142hp 1.8 VVT Swapped 


Customer Service

If you call up about a product or order you'll likely speak to Lydia. She mans the phones, answers messages and will always know which direction to point you in for your mad builds. Lydia has been described as having an unhealthy addiction to baked beans.

Daily Driver – Audi 80

Mazda MX-5 – Crayon Grey 1993 ITB’d 1.6



Dan meticulously picks and packs orders in our warehouse, ensuring your speed parts arrive to you safely. His other skills include draining shots on the basketball court.

Mazda MX-5 – Evolution Orange 1999 Naturally Aspirated 1.8


Head of security

Luna is our part-time head of security. Her primary responsibilities include barking at every single delivery driver, barking during phone calls, and barking when she's hungry.

Breed – 2016 Cardigan Corgi



Head of morale

Hazel is our full-time Head of Morale. She's always on hand to assist Luna in her role of barking, but when shes alone she spends her days lying around the office giving out good vibes.

Breed – 2018 Husky X GSD

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