AVO Turboworld Turbo Kit for Mazda MX5 ND

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A bolt on turbo kit for your ND MX5

AVO Turboworld Turbo Kit for Mazda MX5 ND

The AVO Turboworld turbo kit for Mazda MX-5 ND has been tested to 247BHP / 210ftlbs of torque. This represents a 50% power increase at a very low boost pressure of only 5-6 psi resulting in near-zero lag and a very linear power curve. The AVO 18/49 turbocharger has ample headroom for 400whp when using E85, forged engine components and appropriate supporting mods.

Built around AVO’s unique custom stainless steel cast manifold, the AVO 18/49 turbocharger is low-mounted to ensure the downpipe has optimum flow characteristics. The downpipe and exhaust housing are ceramic coated to maintain lower temperatures under the bonnet and help the turbocharger spool faster. Tested extensively by AVO in Japan, Australia and the USA, this turbo kit is known to be reliable across the world.

As a direct bolt-on kit all oil and water lines are included along with a bar & plate intercooler and associated pipework. Furthermore, the OEM intake airbox connects to the turbocharger. AVO provide a replacement airbox lid and panel filter to ensure airflow is not compromised. The standard fuel system flows enough fuel for the intended power level, simplifying the installation.

Under normal conditions, it is expected that installation should be possible in approximately 8 hours for an experienced mechanic. The hardest part of the installation is removing the standard exhaust manifold. It is recommended to temporarily remove the engine mount to make installing the turbo kit easier. The oil pan requires welding or tapping for an oil return filter. The only standard part that is modified is the plastic undertray, to allow for the intercooler pipes to be installed.

The base kit can be tuned using EcuTek or Accu-Tuner software, however, no AVO base maps will be provided. Due to the 13.0:1 compression ratio of the standard engine premium fuel must be used. More octane will produce more power due to the high compression of this engine.

Power+ ECU flashing tool

AVO Turboworld’s Power+ flashing tool plugs into the OBD port to tune the car once it has been turbocharged. Adjustments to the fuel, timing, cam position have been made, along with the speed limiter increased to 174MPH and the rev limit increased to 7200PM. Throttle settings have also been sharpened to provide a more engaging drive. A flash map is provided according to the selections made within this listing.

Panel filter kit includes

  • AVO replacement top lid for OEM airbox
  • AVO drop-in panel filter

Cold air intake kit includes

  • AVO aluminium air box
  • AVO sports filter
  • AVO 2-in-1 oil breather & water tank kit

Shared kit components

  • AVO 18/49 turbocharger with ceramic coating
  • AVO low-mount stainless steel cast exhaust manifold with ceramic coating
  • AVO water and oil lines
  • AVO recirculating BOV kit
  • AVO bar & plate front mount intercooler with reinforced silicone hosing & powder-coated steel piping

Additional information

Shipping Weight 34 kg
Shipping Dimensions 115 × 48 × 25 cm



1.5, 2.0

Airbox Type

Panel Filter, Cold Air Intake

ECU Flashing Tool

Yes, No


Mk4 (15-24)

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Making a warranty claim

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Make Model Year
Mazda MX-5 IV (ND) 2015 - 2023

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