Flow Force 960cc Injectors for Mazda MX-5 NA NB

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Flow Force 960cc Injectors

The Flow Force 960cc injector kit is capable of supporting 500whp, which is plenty. Broken gearboxes and twisted axles await! Each set of injectors are flow matched to within +/-1% at idle and fully open. This means your engine is getting the correct amount of fuel across all four cylinders. Flow Force’s matched injectors provide a silky smooth idle and the peace of mind that individual cylinders aren’t starved of fuel, robbing you of horsepower—or worse—suffering from detonation.

Each kit is carefully designed to be plug and play in NA and NB MX-5s. Simply fit and set the injector size & dead times in your ECU.

Dead Times

NA 3.0 Bar NB 4.0 Bar
Dead Time (13.2V) 1.300 1.325
Voltage Correction 0.115 0.138
11V 123.7% 128.0%
12V 111.6% 113.7%
13V 101.7% 102.0%
14V 94.0% 92.9%
15V 88.5% 86.4%
16V 85.3% 82.5%

Flow Force


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Mazda MX-5 1989 - 2005