Wiseco Forged Pistons for MX5 NA NB 1.8

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Some of the highest quality pistons available on the market, Wiseco are uncompromising in their approach. With a Teflon coated piston skirt to minimise friction and wear on the cylinder bore to precision machined ring grooves with associated oiling modifications and improved piston crown design that promotes a more complete burn in the cylinder while minimising hot spots that lead to detonation.

Wiseco’s innovative Armor plating is applied to these pistons. This high-performance coating is applied to the piston crown, ring grooves, and piston pin bore.

The coating on the dome helps protect the piston from the damage caused by detonation, and will actually harden over time from the heat caused by combustion. This coating is also applied to the ring groove, and helps eliminate micro-welding of the ring, and improve wear of the ring groove along with improving ring seal. The coating in the piston pin bore improves wear, reduces friction, and eliminates material deformation of the lock ring groove.

Supplied with matching piston rings and wrist pins.




83.5mm, 84.5mm, 84mm



Compression Ratio

10.0:1, 8.4:1, 8.5:1, 9.9:1


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