Pre-Clocked TD04-13T Turbocharger


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Pre-Clocked TD04-13T Turbocharger

This td04 comes with our own custom bracket and actuator, making it the perfect TD04 for the G19 turbo manifold. The bracket moves the actuator away from the bonnet, making installation easier than ever. We’ve also pre-clocked these turbos for you, meaning you can just bolt everything right up.

These TD04L-13T turbochargers are not to be confused with MaxPeeding and other cheap eBay turbos. The compressor & turbine wheels feature a superior design and are machined to far tighter tolerances. The wastegate port is larger and the turbine exhaust port is opened out to provide improved boost control.


  • TD04L-13T turbocharger
  • Actuator bracket
  • 7PSI actuator
  • Manifold to turbo gasket
  • Turbo to downpipe gasket
  • Oil drain gasket
  • Copper washers


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