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Stoney Racing Silicone Coolant Hoses for Mazda MX-5 NA 1.6

The Stoney Racing silicone coolant hose kit is an excellent way to replace the ageing hoses in your Mazda MX-5. We think this is the most comprehensive kit available. Made from quality reinforced silicone, this hose kit replaces 15 coolant and breather hoses in the engine bay. Supplied with stainless steel worm-drive clamps.

Kit includes

  1. Upper Radiator Inlet Hose
  2. Lower Radiator Outlet to Hard Pipe Hose
  3. Lower Radiator Hard Pipe to Block Hose
  4. Heater Matrix Inlet Hose
  5. Heater Matrix Outlet Hose
  6. Inlet Manifold to Thermostat Housing Coolant Hose
  7. ISC to Throttle Body Coolant Hose
  8. Throttle Body Coolant Hose
  9. Thermostat Housing Bypass Hose
  10. Radiator to Expansion Tank Hose
  11. Expansion Tank Overflow Hose
  12. Cam Cover to Intake Pipe Breather Hose
  13. PCV to Inlet Manifold Hose
  14. IACV Breather Hose
  15. Intake Pipe Resonator Hose
  16. Stainless steel worm-drive clamps

This kit includes the one-piece cam cover to intake breather hose found on later models. If you have the earlier model with two hoses and a metal breather pipe running across the front of the engine you can either unbolt the metal pipe and use the longer hose, or cut a section out of the middle of the hose to give you the two shorter hoses and keep the metal pipe. The hose can be cut easily with a stanley knife using a new blade, ensuring you leave enough overlap to clamp the hoses to the metal breather pipe. The clamp kit includes two additional clamps for this purpose.

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Dimensions 44 × 27 × 15 cm

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