Squid Ink Citrus 500ml
Squid Ink Citrus 500ml
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Squid Ink Citrus 500ml

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Powerful concentrated pre-wash cleaner.

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Squid Ink Citrus 500ml

Citrus is a powerful concentrated pre-wash cleaner that is gentle enough to use on all exterior bodywork and engine bays. Its citrus formulation degreases stubborn traffic film, flies, oil and general dirt. Using this effective pre-wash means less dirt remains on the vehicle for the contact stage of your wash.

Dilute this product with water to the following ratios:
Heavy soiling -1:1
Medium soiling – 4:1
Light soiling – 8:1

Top tip – Why not add a little Squid Ink Citrus to your snow foam for a more aggressive pre-contact clean.

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