Salon Motorsport M45 Supercharger Fitting Kit For Mazda MX-5 NA NB

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Add a belt to drive your supercharger

4PK1260 Power Steering & Supercharger Drive Belt

4PK1360 Power Steering, Aircon & Supercharger Drive Belt

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If you’re on the fence about which method of forcing more air and fuel into your MX5 you should choose, give us a call and arrange a demo in our Turbo and Supercharged cars. We’ll happily take you out and insurance permitting, give you a go.

Salon Motorsport M45 Supercharger Fitting Kit For Mazda MX-5 NA NB uses the supercharger from the Mini Cooper S to bump power up to 180bhp on a 1.6. Retaining the throttle response of a naturally aspirated car, this bolt-on power adder just feels like a bigger engine has been fitted.

The inlet and outlet are beautifully cast from aluminium, ensuring that airflow is smooth and without restriction. The supercharger fitting kit brackets are made from stainless steel, keeping your engine bay looking fresh whilst being engineered to withstand the tension put through the nose of the supercharger. Other kits can twist when the belt is tensioned, resulting in belts being thrown off.

The supercharger fitting kit brackets have recently been updated to include an autotensioner, making sure that the correct tension is applied to the belt. This increases the longevity of the belt and helps reduce the stress on the overall supercharger setup.

Does not include M45 Supercharger or bypass valve.

4PK1260 belt required for PAS only
4PK1360 belt required for PAS and AC

Kit contains

  • Supercharger inlet
  • Supercharger outlet
  • Supercharger brackets with autotensioner
  • Supercharger water pump blanking plate
Weight 4.435 kg
Dimensions 43 × 35 × 15 cm

Salon Motorsport


1.6, 1.8

2 reviews for Salon Motorsport M45 Supercharger Fitting Kit For Mazda MX-5 NA NB

  1. edercastillo89 (verified owner)

    Easy way to improve the power of your mx5.

    The kit is compound of high quality aluminium cast parts and machined brackets. The installation is extremely easy to do it, in few hours you can install it.

    The only point to improve it is the inlet. Salon should provide an option with the flange for a throttle body. Without It the supercharger is very loud. That’s the reason to not give stars.

  2. Dick (verified owner)

    Great kit, fitted all very easily following BOFI instructions.
    Fitted to MK1 1.6 91 with PAS. Stock crank pulley (130mm and stock m45 pulley, 65.5mm?
    Booked in for tuning, and the tuner will fit and set up the bosch ev14 injectors.
    Car is currently on stock 230cc injectors but it drives brilliantly and sounds great even if I can’t floor it for fear of 100%ing my injectors. I have spotted 6psi of boost at times already, which is reassuring.
    I modified the bofi bypass valve silicone hose with a 90 degree mandrel bend to provide room for a second throttle at the supercharger inlet.
    I found with the 130mm crank, power-steering and Supercharger pulleys, the provided gates 4pk1260 belt a little long and I had rubbing issues with lots of belt dust. I managed to fit a gates 4pk1245 belt by bolting on the auto-tensioner idler pulley last after the belt was routed, which was quite tight, I then rotated this pulley to provide max tension (as per BOFI instructions). The tensioning pulley that you move with a bolt still required a little tightening. This gives a lot more clearance between the belt and itself where before they were passing closer than necessary IMO.
    BOFIs customer service has been great for the various parts I have ordered from them alongside this Salon Kit, cannot recommend enough.

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