Radium Dual Oil Catch Cans for Mazda MX-5 NA NB

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Under normal circumstances, oil vapours from the crank casing are vented into the air intake system of the Mazda MX-5. This is seen as a more environmentally friendly option rather than venting these oil vapours to the atmosphere. However, over time these oil vapours can mix with the gas and soot from the EGR to create a thick sludge inside the intake manifold.

Radium’s Oil catch can work by isolating oil-saturated-air from the cam/crank casing. In a single can setup, lines are run from both the PCV valve, the line that would usually run straight into the intake manifold, as well as the crankcase breather, this would usually run straight into the air intake. 

These lines are plumbed into each catch can, so there is one can for the PCV line and one for the crankcase breather line. Once in the catch can, the oil-saturated-air is allowed to cool, separating the oil sludge from the air. This oil sludge collects in the bottom of each of the catch cans, and the oil-free air is allowed to enter back into the air intake and intake manifold.

Radium’s catch cans are run on a closed-loop system so you do not vent any oily air to the atmosphere, instead, you collect it in the can.

By running an oil catch tank, you can:

  • Improve your engine performance by using cleaner air
  • Prevent oil sludge buildup in your intake manifold
  • Lower overall emissions

This kit comes with all necessary tanks, brackets, fittings, pipes and screws.

Please note, you cannot use the stock air intake with these cans. 




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