R Theory Adjustable Anti Roll Bar Link Kit for Mazda MX-5 NA NB

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Add R Theory's reinforcement blocks for the best result

R Theory Anti Roll Bar Reinforcement Blocks for Mazda MX-5 NA NB

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R Theory Adjustable Anti Roll Bar Link Kit for Mazda MX-5 NA NB

R Theory’s adjustable sway bar links offer a high level of adjustability, look awesome and are built to last.

When lowering your MX-5 — or fitting adjustable anti-roll bars — the angle of the drop link changes. This means that loads are applied at an angle as intended of vertically, putting the ball joint under additional stress. Furthermore, when corner weighting, the anti-roll bar should be disconnected. Each corner often ends up a different height meaning standard links apply pre-load to the suspension, unbalancing your carefully corner weighted car. Once corner weighting has been completed, adjustable links enable the bar to be connected without preload.

These links measure 98mm at their shortest, down from 106mm of OEM links. At their longest they nearly hit the upper controller arm, giving these links one of the best levels of adjustability we’ve seen.

The links themselves use Teflon lined rod ends with stainless steel rod ends, the has the benefit of self-lubrication as well as corrosion resistance.  The link’s body is made from Aircraft grade 6061 aluminium and anodised blue, making these lightweight but super strong. Included in the kit are stainless steel jam nuts. R Theory themselves say this kit was specifically designed with longevity and corrosion resistance in mind.

Add R Theory’s anti-roll bar reinforcement blocks for added strength on your sway bar mount.


  • High level of adjustability
  • Incredibly high quality materials
  • Designed for longevity and corrosion resistance.

R Theory


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