ProSlip Brake Caliper Lubricant Kit

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The ProSlip brake caliper lubricant kit contains everything you need to keep your brakes working with maximum efficiency. Comprising of 3 different lubricants, the ProSlip kit utilises different greases with specific properties for each application. The caliper pin, brake pad anti-squeal and brake clip anti-seize lubricants ensure braking power is used to stop the vehicle not in forcing braking components to move.

Copper grease is not suitable for brakes. It is an anti-seize compound, does not lubricate effectively and cannot withstand extreme operating temperatures. Other lubricants are only suitable for a single application, causing the brakes to under-perform.

ProSlip Pin – Keeps calipers moving freely

  • Manufactured for ProSlip by lubrication experts Dow
  • MOD approved – rigorously tested for use on army vehicles
  • Synthetic polyethylene glycol with lithium
  • OEM specified for Mercedes and Toyota
  • Service temperature range -40 to 200°C
  • Excellent anti fretting performance
  • Enhanced elastomer compatibility at 150°C
  • Very low frictional force between caliper pin and bore allowing very quick micro-sliding movement

ProSlip CLIP – Stops pads seizing in the clips

  • High quality lubricant for brake clips (shims)
  • Manufactured for ProSlip by Shell UK
  • Highly refined dry lubricant
  • Anti corrosion and oxidation package
  • High quality base oil component
  • Service temperature range -40 to 250°C

ProSlip PAD – Stops pads squealing

  • Manufactured for ProSlip by Fuchs Oil UK
  • Highly refined dry lubricant
  • Advanced anti-corrosion and oxidation package
  • Extreme pressure durability
  • Controls brake squeal
  • Reduces ‘NVH’ Noise Vibration and Harshness due to pad flexing
  • High quality base oil component from a major refiner
  • Service temperature range -40 to 250°C

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