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The NTC2 Series of High-Performance Temperature Sensors are designed to measure the temperatures of Air and Gas inlet on demanding motorsport and automotive testing applications.
The sensing element is a sub-miniature 10KΩ NTC Thermistor, with a very fast response time which helps to improve engine performance. Calibration of each is well defined and can be installed into most common ECUs and data logging systems.

With a response time of fewer than 2 seconds for this unit – over five times as fast as the standard Bosch or GM style IAT sensor – and an accuracy of ±1°C at temperature ranges from -30°C to +200°C. Highly useful for measuring turbo outlet temperatures which can get over 190c depending on the pressure ratio, ambient temperature and efficiency band of the turbo.

As part of the fuel calculation for your engine running aftermarket management, like the ME221/442 or MS3, a large part of calculating the density of air and in turn the amount of fuel is to do with the temperature of the air coming into the cylinder. With a slow – on average 10-20 second – response time you can experience stumbling with heat soak or inconsistent fueling between pulls.

This sensor is proven to be more accurate, responds considerably faster and its design mitigates heat soak to the sensor itself – ensuring a true reading even on 30c days stuck in traffic.

Manufactured by KA Sensors, who supply sensor technology to formula cars and other motorsport pursuits that must have accurate and repeatable data.

Supplied as M12 x 1.5 with Stainless Steel Construction.

NTC2 - Motorsport Air Temperature Sensor

NTC2 - Motorsport Air Temperature Sensor Calibration

NTC2 – Motorsport Air Temperature Sensor Calibration




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