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The first and best MS3 plug and play ECU 90-97 1.6L and 94-95 1.8L Miata/MX-5, now even more affordable! Thanks to years of feedback from customers, we were able to keep the features most widely used on the MX-5, such as advanced knock control, USB port and SD card datalogging, in a price that anyone can afford.

Used by BOFI Racing for years to great affect, MS Labs build consistently quality products using the Megasquirt Architecture with their proprietary board design.


The Mini MS3 is our new MS3-based plug and play ECU for the Miata/MX-5.

If you’re looking to Turbo or Supercharge your MX5, hell, if you’re looking to get the most out of your NA 1.6 setup – look no further. Like the best ECUs on the market the MS Labs MS3 supports 16×16 fuel and spark tables, OEM quality idle control and a plethora of features to keep you busy with your project car. Using the intuitive, lightweight and reliable tuning package – Tuner Studio, you can unleash the horsepower locked up in your road legal go kart*

The Mini MS3 series is inherently plug and play, with no adapter harness needed. No soldering, wire cutting or splicing is required – as with all good builds, do ensure your supporting modifications like an IAT sensor or MAF sensor are in place to get the best out of your new found control.

The Mini MS3 fits inside the stock ECU case, making for a stealth and tidy installation.

This ECU will work with your JDM Import Eunos, your Miata or your MX5, plug and play with just slight modifications to the case for the Map line and USB cable installation, like most PNP solutions.

Product Features

All of our Mini MS3 series ECUs include:

Use of all stock sensors (just add a wideband)
You don’t need to replace the crank/cam sensors, or the coolant/air temp or throttle position.* for a 1.6 an e36 bw VTPS conversion is recommended.

Sequential injection
The Mini MS3 has 4 injector drivers; this means it can drive each injector separately.*

Wasted spark ignition (batch fire)
Use the stock coilpacks or use coil-on-plug (ie Toyota coils) and coil-near-plug (LS coils etc) wires in pairs

Advanced knock control with DSP and knock windowing.

Add a knock sensor and instantly detect knock and automatically retard the timing to protect your engine. Optionally, assign an output to activate a LED to warn you when this happens!

Stock idle control (stock 2-wire idle valve). Open loop and closed loop idle control, with fan, A/C and voltage compensation. Optionally, enable idle advance to enable fine control of the idle RPM by varying the ignition timing.

Tachometer output – drive the stock gauge cluster if you remove the stock coils or send an RPM signal to an external shiftlight.

Dual cooling fan output – two output stages for cooling fans, each separately configurable.
The first output has a configurable idle-up parameter, so when it activates it won’t drag your idle down!

Air Conditioning control
Fully control your A/C, with automatic A/C cutoff when you rev the car.

VVT Control
Control the variable valve timing, as found on the later 01 1.8L engines. Assign a target angle on the RPM/Load 3D table, and the closed loop control will automatically track the target angle to 0.1 of a degree.

Flex Fuel sensor input
Automatically adjust the fueling, timing and boost by adding a flex fuel sensor. The same sensor also sends fuel temperature data to the ECU for further analysis and table

Electronic boost control
Use any PWM valve for boost contro, with 2 open loop or closed loop boost tables, boost by gear, boost by VSS, blend tables based on sensors, trim switches, etc.

Launch control
Extremely configurable launch control. Activate by RPM, TPS, vehicle speed, or any other parameter. Use fuel cut for catalyst-equipped vehicles or spark cut on track/turbo cars to also
spool up the turbo. Fine control the retard, the rate of cylinder cutting, adjust the RPM threshold through a calibration switch on the fly, setup a different limit for burnouts on the drag strip. Show those subaru’s who’s boss at your local car park.

Flat foot shifting
Use the stock clutch switch to enable flat foor shifting aka flatshift – aka, light up the nights sky with fire!

Pit lane limiter
For tracks requiring a strict pit speed limit, setup a button to restrict the vehicle speed as required.

Use antilag to keep your turbo spooled up during gear changes. Use the stock idle valve to keep the air in or add an on/off or PWM solenoid.

Adjustable rev limiter with fuel or spark cut
Adjust the rev limiter either with static RPM limits or by coolant temp (protect your engine from revving when cold or when overheating!). Set to fuel cut or spark cut to impress.

Table switching/blending/3D/4D/5D maps (fuel/timing/AFR targets/boost)
Up to 4 fuel fuel and ignition tables with the ability to create 5D maps based on RPM/TPS/MAP and another parameter such as gear, speed or ethanol content. Blend AFR targets and boost targets based on sensor inputs.

2 digital (on/off) inputs (for switchable maps, launch control, datalog start/stop, boost high/low, etc)

2 spare programmable outputs (On/Off or PWM)

AFR Safety Limiter
Stop the engine if the mixture gets too lean under boost!

Check engine output and limp mode functionality.

High-power time enrichment.
This one’s for the racers, if you’re in WOT for an extended time you can configure the AFR targets to richen up your mixture cooling the charge temps, potentially saving you from melting pistons, melted pistons don’t get you on the podium!

1 spare 0-5V analog input.
Could be used for Oil Temp or Oil Pressure sensing, a second map sensor for baro corrections at high altitudes or anything else you can think of.

SD Card slot for datalogging without a laptop
Up to 8GB of datalogging, up to 500 samples per second!

Internal MAP sensor for up to 21psi of boost

CAN Bus connectivity
Connect to expanders, digital dashes, widebands, etc – almost limitless.

USB port
Seamless connection to any modern computer. No driver required in most cases and no serial to usb adapter!

Advanced crank/cam diagnostics
Diagnose bad sensors through the TunerStudio composite logger.

Comprehensive output test mode (injectors, ignition, all programmable outputs), cylinder
deactivation for misfiring cylinder detection.

Uses TunerStudio, the most intuitive tuning software available. Works on PC (Windows,
Linux) and Mac!

High-side fuel pump – enables fuel pump control allowing for easy diagnosis or even as a security feature.

Product Specifications
• Operating voltage: 7.5-16V DC
• Absolutely maximum voltage: 18V DC
• Operating current: 150mA
• Number of processors: 1
• Processor type/speed: 16bit, 50MHz with XGate CoProcessor (Dual Core)
• Enclosure: Installs inside the stock ECU enclosure
• Weight: 0.3kg
• Operating temperature: -10°C to 85°C

*It is always recommended to seek professional advice when selecting an ECU, if you are working with a Tuner for your build our recommendation is to go with their preferred platform to get the best out of your build. It is possible to damage your engine with a poor tune, ensure you seek advice before pushing the limits of your engine.


89-93, 94-95, 96-97, 99-00, 01-05

ECU Plug

2 Pin, 3 Pin


1.6, 1.8, 1.8VVT


Eunos, Mazda


MS Labs


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