As tested by us at BOFI Racing, the 3.3 ring and pinon for your MX5

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Looking to go 176MPH in your MX5? With enough power and a 6 speed box that’s how fast you’ll be going at 7200rpm using this gearset.

Perhaps you’re not looking to go that fast but you’ve turbo’d the car and the gears are going all too fast and maybe you want to run a lower and quieter rpm on the motorway.

We’ve installed these gears in our 300BHP 1.8 NA using a 6 speed box and chose the 3.3 as it gives the closest experience to a 5 speed with a 4.1 differential, but with the benefit of a huge overdrive in 6th, letting you cruise at 2860rpm at 70mph and 3270rpm at 80mph. Thats considerably less than our 5 speed 4.3 car, which sits around 3600rpm at 70mph and 4050rpm at 80mph.

Note the graph below, red is 5 speed 4.1 and blue is 6 speed 3.3, very little difference in acceleration but with a huge overdrive.






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