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Adapter Rails for Sparco Sprint and R100 Seats

Many of us have tried fitting Sparco Spints in an MX5 to realise, they are not exactly direct fit, nor provide much (more) room. They need redrilling, adapting the rail to the left seat to match the width and while a defoamed OEM seat can sit at same height and lean lower, these are not an option for really tall drivers on rails. So we provided as solution, adapter rails, with the following features:

– Bolt on installation of both seats

– Left seat bolt in central position (to the steering wheel)

– Minimal rail height below 5mm.

РThey allow the seat to move the 15 available millimeter to the furthest back (two more clicks), compared to using the OEM fixing positions. With removed rear trim (which is the limiting factor) this gives additional good leg freedom.

– While moving backwards (the additional 15mm), the seat dives further down as of the angle of the rails, which also compensates for the added rails thickness (5mm).

The rails are zinc coated and powdercoated, their installation is discrete however and cant be spoted from above.

We have confirmation, the seat rails do perfectly fit also Sparco R100 Sky Seat, as seen in the gallery. A fit of the Sparco R100 is not confirmed yet only to the MX5 NBFL (MK2.5).

Important note – there is no RHD/LHD coding for these as all LHD/RHD MK1/MK2 cars share same chassis in this region (seats).

Installation instruction:

Three of the rails are similar design, they bolt on both rails of the right seat and the outer rail on the left seat. The wider rail bolts on the inner rail of the left seat. It compensates the different Mazda bolt distance and positions the seat exactly in the middle.


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