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EBC GD Sport Brake Discs for Mazda MX-5 NC provide an efficient braking surface for the most demanding of driving conditions.

The dimple drilled rotor was invented by EBC back in the 90?s and has been imitated by many because of its ability to offer pad degassing without ?Through Drilling? disc or rotor holes which has been shown to promote rotor cracks.

The wide aperture slots on the EBC units actually draw cool air under the brake pad and rotor interface and help cool the temperatures of the pad contact which can shoot up to well over 1000 degrees at the very heart of the brake pad during heavy braking and can cause brake fade or loss of brake effect.

These ?full sweep? slots on the EBC Sport Brake rotor also help remove dirt dust debris and water from the braking area but without doubt the main benefit of such sport rotors is their ability to maintain a flat and parallel pad surface throughout the lifetime of the brake pad set.

Recent European R90 brake safety legislation insists on a very aggressive stress test of all replacement brake rotors. EBC rotors have passed this test and in the case of the GD design, the brakes were shown to run 100 degrees F cooler than non slotted rotors.




NC (06-15)