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Cat Cams Full Race 285/277 Camshafts for Mazda MX-5 1.6 for competition engines. These Camshafts are for use in 1598cc B6 engines with long intake camshaft with sleeve for distributor drive and short exhaust camshaft. Will not work with standard hydraulic followers. Upgraded shim under bucket cam followers must be used.

FOR COMPETITION APPLICATIONS ONLY. Following details must be verified:
  • Camshafts must turn smooth in the cylinder head, provide free travel by machining where needed
  • Distance between valve seal and retainer at full lift must be 0.6mm at least
  • Minimum valve spring travel of 1.0mm at full lift must be provided
  • Distance between the valve and piston 1.0mm (pref. 1.5mm). check 5-15° before TDC on the exhaust and after TDC on the intake
  • Only for use in competition engines with adjustable engine management

Camshaft Data Intake Exhaust
Lash ramp 0.25mm 0.25mm
Duration @ 0.1mm 285° 277°
Duration @ 1.0mm 252° 243°
Valve lift 12.50mm 12.00mm
Lobe angle 106 106
Timing @ 1.0mm 20° / 52° 48° / 15°
Valve lift @ TDC 3.70mm 3.15mm


Parts Required
Cam Wheels Y Y
Followers Y Y
Valve Lash Y Y
Valve Spring Y Y



Cat Cams



Cam Followers

Upgraded Shim Under Bucket


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