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More air needs more fuel to make a bigger bang. These 640cc injectors are ideal for all applications up to 400bhp, and are supplied with everything you need to make them fit.

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4 in stock (can be backordered)


When you’re forcing more air into the engine of your MX-5, you need to deliver more fuel along with it to make a bigger bang. These Bosch EV14 640cc Injectors are brand new, genuine OEM injectors that are capable of delivering up to 400bhp without sacrificing drivability. Despite their capacity, they are still suitable for lower horsepower applications.

We would always recommend these injectors over the community standard RX8 Yellows, not only are they brand new, they provide more flow and better idle characteristics than stock.

Supplied with

4 x Genuine EV14 640cc Injectors
4 x Adapters
4 x Seals
4 x PNP Harness Adapters
3 x Fuel Rail Spacers (use 2 for a 1.6, 3 for a 1.8)

Pre-assembled with top hats and ARP Superlube.

Top hats may be supplied black or orange, depending on availability.


Download Instructions

Weight 0.245 kg
Dimensions 22 × 13 × 6 cm



1.6, 1.8

5 reviews for Bosch EV14 640cc Injectors For Mazda MX-5

  1. roblong1976 (verified owner)

    I installed these as an upgrade to RX-8 yellow’s on my turbo build.

    The fitting instructions were really clear and the quality of the parts is excellent. They really were a plug and play installation.

    After fitting and adjusting the ME221 setting instructed the car started up and ran. the fueling wasn’t ideal as even with the changed flow it was running a bit rich.

    After a couple of hours on the dyno at Hybrid tuning, the guys have really made use of the better flow and capacity of these injectors.

    I now have a much smoother car, idle, part throttle and wide open. I’ve now got much smoother torque and power curves. Torge from 2700 to 5000rpm by as much as 40Nm and power is up 20bhp.

    I’d highly recommend these injectors as an upgrade over second hand yellows, but factor in dome dyno time on top to get the best out of them.

  2. Fred Bawden (verified owner)

    Installing these injectors as an upgrade over RX8 yellows was night and day in terms of idle smoothness and driveability. You wouldn’t think they make such a difference but they really are worth it.

    The RX8 yellows were maxed out @~220whp, so the EV14s allowed me to gain another few ponies while being much more within their safety margin in terms of duty cycle.

    In all, cannot recommend these enough.

  3. Marko (verified owner)

    Great support.


  4. Tim W (verified owner)

    Direct fitment and easy to follow documentation. Was originally a “no brainer” for me to get these instead of buying a set of RX8 injectors + paying for cleaning/calibration. The fact the car idles so smoothly and makes strong consistent power only compounds this. Nice to know they can take more base pressure as per Boschs specsheet, meaning if and when E85 becomes a thing, i can run that too!

  5. bigdave1701 (verified owner)

    Amazing injectors easy to install instructions to set up on your Ecu are clear and easy to follow honestly couldn’t be happier with them.

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