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Don’t settle for “you’ll get used to it”

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6 in stock (can be backordered)


One of the statements people always make with a performance clutch is “It’s a little harsh, but you get used to it”. What that means is you’re the only one who can drive your car without stalling it. It’s been our goal to find a clutch that can take as much abuse as 95% of the MX5 community will throw at it without relying on puck style clutches with leg achingly heavy pedal feel and aggressive as hell engagement.

Don’t settle for “you’ll get used to it”.

This clutch has the feel of a Stage 2 pressure plate, with the engagement of an organic stage 2. What does that mean? It’s not snatchy or grabby, it doesn’t wear your leg out and it won’t make you look a fool in start stop traffic. You can hand your keys to your significant other without them having to “put up” with the clutch on your racekor.

How have we achieved this? We went to one of the best Clutch manufacturers in the UK, who build custom clutches for any and all applications in house, they offer a variety of materials and with the innovative dual friction material design giving the slip of an organic face with the torque holding potential of the ceramic, you get the best of both worlds. The custom modified pressure plate with a changed fulcrum point to give you more mechanical advantage as well as the slotted design provides 8% more torque holding without any increased pedal feel.

You know what else is awesome? This clutch is fully rebuild able and supported by us, the organic face is on the flywheel side so it doesn’t chew up your nice Ultra Lightweight unit and we can offer all of this at a highly competitive price point.

Application: Mazda MX-5 94-05 1.8, 89-05 1.6 using 1.8 flywheel

Feel: Marginally Heavier than oem, marginally harsher engagement than OEM

Life: High, depending on use case ~40 thousand miles.

Quality: Made in the UK to the highest standards.

Recommended Use: High horsepower, low horsepower, take your pick – this is a clutch that’ll do it all.


Warranty: 12 Months
Disc Type: Sprung
Pressure Plate Type: OEM+
Torque Capacity: 300-340 ft/lbs

We only offer this unit in the 1.8 sizing as the size of it allows for better torque holding, a 1.6 MX5 can use a 1.8 flywheel either OEM or our recommended Comp Clutch Ultra Lightweight.

KOYO Sealed Pilot Bearing Included.

Clutch Alignment tool Included in Box


Weight 5.82 kg
Dimensions 28.5 × 28.5 × 8 cm


Torque Capacity


Disc Type




5 reviews for BOFI Racing Clutch Kit For Mazda MX-5 NA NB 1.8

  1. c.bentham (verified owner)

    Seems to be good quality, fitted up no problem.

    Impressed with the feel of it, no real increase in stiffness that I’ve noticed, and not grabby, so provided it holds the power once I fit the turbo, I’m very happy with it! Very driveable which was what I was hoping for.

    Only slight issue is it is juddering quite a lot on the bite point, however I’ve only done ~100miles on it so far so hopefully will settle down once it’s bedded in. Probably down to my own incompetence when fitting more than anything.

    Good service and advice from BOFI when buying.

  2. Fred Bawden (verified owner)

    220whp turbo 1.6 mk1.

    Excellent soft engagement feel with a pedal that’s only very slightly heavier than stock. It certainly is waaaaay easier to use than my old 6 puck XTD, and also having driven cars with a comp clutch stage 3, it blows that out of the water too.

    I’ve paired it with a comp clutch lightweight flywheel, and revs sweet as you could wish for.

    I was most impressed by how well its taken my treatment of it. With almost zero break in, it was then subjected to an entire trackday at Cadwell Park. It would easily lock the rears when downshifted aggressively, and handled 90+ track miles of hard driving with no complaints whatsoever.

    Hugely recommended.

  3. Richard Birchall (verified owner)

    Good quality clutch. Stock-like pedal feel. Done 500 miles of hard driving on it so far and I’ve had no issues. Would definitely recommend. Great customer service at bofi too.

  4. Tim (verified owner)

    Upgraded to this from a CC Stage 3. MUCH nice pedal feel, easy to module at lioght and heavy load, no chatter, and happily holds 270w so far!

    OEM feel, but capable of holding all the jam. HIGHLY reccomended!

    Also the fact its orange easily adds like 20x “cool points”

  5. robert-s-white (verified owner)

    Excellent pedal feel with very positive engagement.
    Comparing this to a lot of the high performance clutches for the MX5 on the market there’s no comparison. Engagement is smooth and positive without being unnecessarily grabby.
    Holds all of the power I can throw at it on my supercharged Mk1 1.6 both on track and the road, even with the occassional clutch kick on a roundabout, somewhere in Mexico. Fitted to a Competition Clutch lightweight flywheel to help improve throttle response this is a clutch I would fit again and again without question.

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