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Designed with motorsport in mind, this catch can complies with SCCA, NASA and Formula D – so it’s more than up for your occasional track day, as well as competition use. AN10 inlets with a 100 micron stainless steel filter disc that is part of a removable block make this incredibly easy to service. It’s 1L capacity means you don’t have to drain it as often as well as that being the required amount for most race series.

Perfect to be run as either a VTA (vent to atmosphere) can or, ideally, plumbed back into the inlet to draw through the cleaned combustion gasses.


Product Specification

Height: 159.5 mm
Width: 89 mm
Depth: 108.5 mm

– Two Dash 10 (7/8-14 UNF AN-10) inlet ports
– Stainless steel filter block inside
– 100 Micron Stainless Steel Filter Disc
– Complete with all connections, suitable for closed and open version
– Coated oil dipstick for reading the oil level in the Catch Tank
– 1/4″ Drain opening for fast emptying
– Stainless steel bracket for easy mounting
– 1.0 litre capacity (1.06 quart)

– CNC made of 6082 aluminium
– Supplied with three male Dash 10 fittings, one Dash 10 outlet connection (for open version) and one 1/4″ male fitting. Drain plug
– Coated (adonized) housing for optimum long-term protection and corrosion resistance
– The 100 micron stainless steel filter disc and the IBFU Filter block can be washed out
– Meets SCCA, NASA and Formula D


Nuke Performance


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