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With the later 1.8 engines (NB1/NB2) they come with both a crank trigger and a cam trigger. This is used to give the most accurate position of the engine at all points, however, the stock setup comes with a 4 point trigger wheel – which while in an OEM capacity works very well, when using aftermarket ECUs we’re able to improve on this.

Using a 36-2 wheel we have even more fine control of the engine and information about its position. It allows the car to start faster, respond faster to changes in load and gives far better timing control and resolution at every rpm, with the VVT engines using this type of wheel far better control over the VVT solenoid and position is possible.

A highly recommended upgrade for any car running forced induction.

Compatible with LNC 1.6 engines and all 1.8 engines.


BOFI Racing


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