Stage 2.5 320HP Forged Engine Package for Mazda MX-5 NA NB

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Stage 2.5 320HP Forged Engine Package for Mazda MX-5 NA NB

This stage 2.5 forged engine package contains all the essentials you need to install forged connecting rods in your B6 or BP. Whether you have a 1989 1.6 or a 2005 1.8, we’ve compiled all the parts within this kit that will support up to 320HP. This kit only includes the parts required to build up the bottom end, so no gaskets are included for the cylinder head.

This package is designed around a complete bottom-end rebuild, and as such the crank will need to be removed. This means the bores can be honed for new piston rings, ensuring your block is as fresh as possible. We strongly recommend gapping the piston rings at the same time to prevent ringland failure further down the line. Replacement main bearings, connecting rod bearings and trust washers are provided in the kit.

These refreshed kits contain every gasket required for a full engine block build. As the 1.6 uses a composite head gasket from the factory we’ve opted to upgrade it to a multi-layer steel head gasket from Cometic. To keep the kits the same across all model years, we’ve upgraded the 1.8s to Cometic gaskets too. All other gaskets are genuine Mazda and we’ve even included new cylinder head locating dowels too to complete the kit.

Recommended Ring Gap
 Top 19 thou
 Bottom 21 thou

Please note this kit is not suitable for Mazda MX-5 NB 98-05 1.6s because they use press fit gudgeon pins, meaning the pistons cannot be reused

Stage guide

  • Stage 2 – Aftermarket gaskets
  • Stage 2.25 – Genuine gaskets
  • Stage 2.5 – Genuine & Cometic gaskets

Kit Includes

  • MaxPeedingRods connecting rods
  • NPR piston rings
  • ACL Race connecting rod bearings – standard size
  • ACL Race main bearings – standard size
  • ACL Duraglide thrust washers – standard size (All except 1.8 VVT)
  • Genuine Mazda thrust washers – standard size (1.8 VVT only)
  • Cometic head gasket
  • Genuine Mazda sump gaskets
  • Genuine Mazda oil pickup gasket
  • Genuine Mazda cylinder head locating dowels
  • Genuine Mazda oil pump o-ring (All except 89 1.6)
  • Genuine Mazda oil pump gasket (89 1.6 only)
  • Genuine Mazda front main oil seal
  • Genuine Mazda rear main oil seal

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