MS Labs MS3 Mini Plug and Play ECU For Mazda MX-5 NA NB

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USB Cable 2m for Standalone Plug and Play ECUs

MS Labs MS3 Mini Plug and Play ECU For Mazda MX-5 NA NB

New for 2023, the MS3 Mini has been upgraded with additional outputs, inputs and higher power potential.

Allowing full Sequential Ignition and Injection, with 4 Injector Drivers and 4 Ignition drivers. With the ability to run the high side requirement of the Audi R8 Coil Packs popular in many MX5 Turbo Builds.

With 18 total programmable outputs, 2 of which are spare on/off and 1 spare analogue input (2 if you’re a 01-05 as this has a separate baro sensor input from the engine bay). You’re also able to add Oil Pressure for added safety parameters.

Default Analogue Inputs are MAP, CLT, IAT, TPS, Wideband, Voltage.

This ECU has inputs for the CAM and Crank and can be used with both the CAS or wired to take the separate CAM and Crank sensors for engine swaps.

Flex fuel is also available as standard, which can monitor Ethanol Content and Fuel Temperature using this sensor

Each ECU has SD card logging and fits in the factory ECU case.

Each ECU has VVT output, to enable engine swaps for each car. If this isn’t used, it could be re-purposed to drive a methanol injector, for example, or other PWM output.

This lists applies to Miata/MX-5 ECUs only.

Basic MS2
Enhanced MS2
Mini MS3 Basic MS3 DIY MS3+MS3X
(For reference)
Enhanced MS3 Extreme MS3
Processor MS2 MS2 MS3 MS3 MS3 MS3 MS3
Processor MHz 24 24 50 50 50 50 50
Processor flash 128Kb 128Kb 1024Kb 1024Kb 1024Kb 1024Kb 1024Kb
Processor RAM 4Kb 4Kb 64Kb 64Kb 64Kb 64Kb 64Kb
Coprocessors 1 1 3
Watchdog and P/S LEDs 2 (?) 3 (?) 2 (?) 2 (?) 0 4 (?) 7 (?)
Outputs Total 11 22 18 24 9+ 23 34
Injector 4 4 4 4 4 4 4
Ignition 2 4 4 4 4 4 4
Spare Programmable on/off 1* 2 2 5 ? 0 8
Spare PWM Outputs 0 0 Same Same ? 4 4
Special/Dedicated 5 12 10 10 1 13 14
Inputs Total 10 20 12 19 15 29 43
Analog Dedicated 6 9 6 6 6 12 12
Analog Spare 2 0 1 5 3 0 8
Digital On/Off 2 7 2 5 5 14 14
Digital Speed 0 1 1 2 1 4 6
Knock 0 1 1 1 * 2 2
EGT 0 1 0 0 0 1 1
SD Card slot Y Y Y Y Y
GPS support Y
iMFD Output to DM-6
Digital Alternator Control output
Y Y (99-05) Y Y Y
Electrical Load sensing/idle-up
Smart Battery Light output
Onboard wideband module
Y (optional)
Onboard baro sensor
Y (4.6+) Y Y Y
Immobiliser support
Y (4.6+) Y Y
OBD-II Y (Modes 1,3) Y (Modes 1,3,4,7)
Y (Modes 1,3,4,7)
Backup Power Y Y
VVT control output
Y (Optional) Y Y Y Y Y
Boost control output Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Idle output (Hardware frequency)
Tachometer output Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
VICS/VTCS output
Y Y (99-00) Y * Y Y
Coolant fan output Y Y Y Y * Y Y
Condenser fan output Y Y Y Y * Y Y
A/C compressor output Y Y Y Y * Y Y
MAP sensor input Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Coolant temp input Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Air temp input Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
TPS input Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Wideband input Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Wideband digital input
Oil temperature input
Oil pressure input
EGT input Y Y Y
Flex input Y Y Y Y Y Y
VSS Hall input Y Y Y (2) Y Y (2) Y (2)
VSS VR input(s) Y Y (2) Y (4)
Clutch switch input
Neutral switch input
Brake switch input
TEN terminal input
Knock sensor inputs
Y Y Y * Y (1) Y (1)
Launch control input
Y Y Y * Y Y
Tableswitch input Y Y Y Y * Y Y
Boost switch (Hi/Lo)
Y Y * Y Y
A/C switch input Y Y Y Y * Y Y
Addtional input/output connectors 1x 37way (?) 1x 37way (?) 1x 37way (?) 1x 37way 1x 37way (?) 2x 37way (?)
SOFTWARE Basic MS2 Enhanced MS2 Mini MS3 Basic MS3 MS3X+MS3X Enhanced MS3 Extreme MS3
Fuel tables 1, 16×16 2, 16×16 4, 16×16 4, 16×16 4, 16×16 4, 16×16 4, 16×16
Ignition tables 1, 12×12 2, 12×12 4, 16×16 4, 16×16 4, 16×16 4, 16×16 4, 16×16
AFR tables 1, 12×12 1, 12×12 2, 12×12 2, 12×12 2, 12×12 2, 12×12 2, 12×12
Boost tables 2, 8×8 (?) 3, 8×8 (?) 4, 8×8 (?) 4, 8×8 (?) 4, 8×8 (?) 4, 8×8 (?) 4, 8×8 (?)
Boost by gear Y (Open Loop) Y Y Y Y Y
Traction control Y Y Y Y
Full A/C support Y * * * Y Y
P/S Support Y Y Y
Water injection Y Y Y Y Y
CEL infrastructure
Advanced CEL warning
Limp mode Y Y Y Y Y
Advanced Engine Protection


Product Specifications

• Operating voltage: 7.5-16V DC

• Absolute maximum voltage: 18V DC

• Operating current: 150mA

• Number of processors: 1

• Processor type/speed: 16bit, 50MHz with XGate CoProcessor (Dual Core)

• Enclosure: Installs inside the stock ECU enclosure

• Weight: 0.3kg

• Operating temperature: -10°C to 85°C

*It is always recommended to seek professional advice when selecting an ECU, if you are working with a Tuner for your build our recommendation is to go with their preferred platform to get the best out of your build. It is possible to damage your engine with a poor tune, ensure you seek advice before pushing the limits of your engine.

Additional information

Shipping Weight 0.341 kg
Shipping Dimensions 26 × 18.5 × 9 cm

MS Labs


89-97 1.6 & 94-95 1.8, 96-97 1.8, 99-00, 01-05

Country of Origin



Mk1 (89-98), Mk2 (98-05)

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Make Model Year
Mazda MX-5 I (NA) 1989 - 1998
Mazda MX-5 II (NB) 1998 - 2005