Nankang AR-1 Track Day Tyre

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Nankang AR-1 Track Day Tyre

The Nankang AR-1 is a formidable track day tyre. Developed to be extremely fast, the AR-1 is capable of handling the most punishing circuits including Spa and the Nurburgring. Featuring as a control tyre for several race series, the EU labelling means the Nankang AR-1 is an MSA List 1B approved tyre. The tread has a depth of 5.5mm with a 100TW rating making it perfect for drivers chasing lap times.

We have used the AR-1 to great success, with sets lasting multiple track days and hundreds of laps. When fitting, the yellow dot is the lightest part of the tyre so should be aligned with the valve stem on both aluminium and steel wheels to ensure that it is well balanced.




185, 215, 225, 235, 245, 275, 195, 205


35, 40, 60, 45, 50


14, 15", 16", 17”


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