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The BOFI Racing sun strip is ideal for blocking out the sun whilst giving enhancing your race car style. Supplied as two layers of professional wrap vinyl — which features air channels to expel excess air — this sun strip is super easy to apply. Featuring an oversized matte black base, you can place the sun strip as far down as you wish, then apply the top layer after, reducing the stress of getting it all centred and low enough in one go.


  • Professional wrap vinyl
  • Flexible and easy to apply
  • 1460mm x 260mm matte black base
  1. Clean the windscreen thoroughly
  2. Place the base layer on the windscreen, ensuring there is enough room for the second layer to be applied
  3. Once happy with the position, mark the height with masking tape. Measure the other side to make sure the sun strip is level
  4. Have someone hold the banner in place on the opposite side of the windscreen, then peel off a small section on the opposite side and begin applying it at the height marked with masking tape
  5. Work across the windscreen slowly, releasing any air bubbles by pressing across them with your thumb
  6. Once the windscreen is applied, use a credit card to push the wrap to the edge of the screen and cut between the card and the rubber with a sharp razor blade, then remove excess wrap
  7. Place the top layer on the windscreen, ensuring it is centred using a tape measure
  8. Peel off a small section and apply the top layer. Follow the curve of the screen round either by creasing or tearing the application tape
  9. Work across the windscreen, then remove the application tape
For best results

Apply out of direct sunlight, as the wrap vinyl will stretch in the heat. Apply whilst the windscreen is cool, as it will be difficult to remove and adjust when the screen is hot. Never place vinyl straight down, work across it by applying one edge first to minimise bubbles.

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Dimensions 8 × 8 × 27 cm

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