FORGE Twin/Single Port Wastegate Actuator for GT Series Garrett Turbos

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When clocking a GT2560-GT2871 turbo the wastegates supplied from the factory either need to be modified or replaced entirely. If you’re going to the trouble of replacing the wastegate then you’ll want one that can be tuned for your specific boost application.

We’ve tested a tonne of combinations during our quest to find the best adjustable, tunable, serviceable wastegate actuator that will also survive track abuse and while Forge didn’t have exactly what we needed off the shelf we were able to create something that meets the needs of the Turbo MX5/Miata community.

You will require the Garrett Bracket as sold here: in order for this to fit, as the stock wastegate bracket is either incompatible or is part of the stock actuator – Note, this bracket is not compatible with the GT2554R.

We’ve specced this out as a twin port with the ability to  change it to a single port if required, this is completely compatible with your usual 3 port electronic boost controller / mac valve but gives you far more headroom for the maximum boost you wish to run vs the initial spring you’re using. Boost by gear, boost by tps, valet mode? It’s all possible with a this unit, all the way up to ~20psi on a green spring. (Red springs start at 20psi, controllable up to 40psi)

This kit comes with the following:

FORGE Billet Aluminimum Actuator Housing

Bent Arm to Suit GT/GTX Series Turbochargers

Clevice and Nut to mount to the turbo arm

Locking nuts to mount the actuator to the bracket

Green Spring (5-10PSi) Pre-Installed

Pre-Configured to Twin Port

Supplied with parts to turn into a single port.


Weight 0.410 kg
Dimensions 27 × 12.5 × 10 cm


1 review for FORGE Twin/Single Port Wastegate Actuator for GT Series Garrett Turbos

  1. sebastian.gwizdek (verified owner)

    Really high Quality piece, its nice to have the freedom to move between single or twin port setup. I needed a stiffer spring to properly maintain boost and stop spiking, yellow worked perfectly for me for circa 10-16psi

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