Stealth Heatshield Mat for Interior Heat Protection

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1/8″ thick x 24″ x 53″

Heatshield Products Stealth Shield? is the only product engineered and proven to reduce heat from inside your vehicle. HP Stealth Shield? uses proprietary technology developed for Heatshield Products welding blankets. This results in a revolutionary product that?s only 1/8 inch thick. It is designed to mount inside your vehicle atop the floor or sound-deadener product to protect you from heat radiating from the engine and exhaust.

This specially engineered heat shield mat is extremely efficient at dissipating heat. HP Stealth Shield? will fit underneath carpet without causing fitment issues. Put HP Stealth Shield? on the floorpan, db Armor?, db Suppressor?, db Skin? or other sound-dampener material. That?s right ? it easily installs on top of a sound deadener. This car heat shield is capable of withstanding a continuous 982?C, so it is more than ready to handle anything your floorboards and interior are subjected to. HP Stealth Shield? may also be used on the roof and above the headliner using adhesive spray.

Please note: HP Stealth Shield? is to be used underneath a carpet or above the headliner. It should not be used by itself without a cover. The black fibers may get on your hands and clothes, but will not make your skin itch. In addition, constant abrasion will cause the product to wear out.

HeatSheild Products Stealth Heatshield Temperature Range

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