TB1 Jenvey Throttle Body Kit for Mazda MX5 NA NB


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TB1 Jenvey Throttle Body Kit for Mazda MX5 NA NB

The best in the business for individual throttle bodies, Jenvey – this comprehensive kit provides everything you need to convert your modified Mazda MX-5 to individual throttle bodies using quality parts manufactured in the UK.

The kit contains a fuel rail, fuel injector spacers to make the rail work with standard injectors, a throttle position sensor and loom, the linkages to make it all connect to the throttle and the machined throttle bodies themselves.

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Kit Contains

  • 2 x Jenvey 45mm throttle bodies
  • 4 x 40mm long air horns
  • Cast intake manifold
  • Aluminium fuel rail
  • Jenvey TPS sensor
  • TPS sensor plug
  • Over body throttle linkage kit
  • Throttle cable end clamp
  • Adjustable fuel pressure regulator kit (3.0 Bar for NA and NB, 4.0 Bar NB VVT)
  • 4 x Injector spacers
  • Air filter
  • Air filter backing plate
  • Idle control valve
  • Vacuum Hose
  • BOFI Racing Vacuum Distribution block
  • Fuel Hose

*Trumpets showed in the engine bay photo differ from included air horns


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